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Metalborg, Sin Buster

"Metalborg" (鋼闘機メタルボーグ Metarubōgu) is a series of cards that include "Metalborg" in its card name exclusive to the Dimension Police clan, and introduced in Booster Set 16: Legion of Dragons & Blades. The sub-clan would be re-introduced for the V Premium format with the release of V Booster Set 08: Silverdust Blaze.


Who are the Metalborgs? (Monthly Bushiroad May 2014)

Metalborgs are mechanical lifeforms who came from a dimension different from that of Cray, similar to the Dimensional Robos.

They use the pseudonyms Metalborgs when working on Cray. Similar to the Dimensional Robos, they fight for justice; however, Metalborgs never work with Dimensional Robos as they disagree with the lenient ideologies of Dimensional Robos, who would sometimes show mercy to the villains. They are new allies (of Dimension Police) who have slightly radical philosophies, nearing the level of "justice which goes too far". It is sure that they will bring new storms among Dimension Police.

Who are the Metalborgs? (Monthly Bushiroad May 2014)

They are mechanical warriors who don't wish to fight together with "Dimensional Robos", even though both groups belong to "Dimension Police". They have "Normal Form" and "Battle Form". Initially, they called themselves "Metalworkers" and lived a life without any connection to fights. For why they became the "Metalborgs", please read "Fight, our Metalborgs!"

Even though they have become a group of warriors, they didn't forget their original task. To them, repairing destroyed buildings, rescuing citizens and rebuilding the roads are also a part of the fight. These non-combat tasks are usually carried out by members who can transform into heavy machines and vehicles, but other members are also obliged to assist in these tasks voluntarily. Though many members think "we are poor at communicating with people of other races", the residents of Star Gate welcome these awkward yet righteous warriors who restore the streets every day.


Serving as the Dimension Police sub-clan built around the Legion mechanic, Metalborgs continue the Dimension Police trend of increasing the [Power] Power icon of the vanguard, but with these skills targeting two units usually instead of one allowing for both vanguards to be chosen when they are in Legion. Metalborg's offensively are distinguished from other Dimension Police decks via their main vanguard, Metalborg, Sin Buster's ability to deny the opponent use of their grade 1 or higher guardians during the battle it attacks a vanguard, offering natural synergy with on-hit skills which several Metalborg rearguards can confer on the vanguard.

The sub-clan would see further support in G Standard with many units having their skills enhanced based on the number of cards present on the vanguard circle or targeting two units on the field rather than just the vanguard. Metalborg, Barrengrader would increase the decks consistency via searching for any G3 vanguard with the Legion skill to ride over it while the G unit, Hyper Metalborg, Heavyduke would continue the sub-clans trend for skills that impacted the opponent's ability to guard.

While present in V Premium, the sub clan is limited due to the small amount of members currently present in the format and the deck must rely on the regular members of Dimension Police to function. Metalborg, Sin Buster in addition to retaining it's guard restriction skill also replicates the Legion mechanic via superior calling Metalborg, Ur Buster from deck when it rides on the vanguard circle.


The name "Metalborg" is a portmanteau of the words "Metal" and "Cyborg" (which is a being with both organic and robotic parts).

List of "Metalborg" Cards[]


Grade 0[]

Card Name Race Type
Metalborg, Battle Roller Battleroid Trigger (Critical)
Metalborg, Blackboi Battleroid
Metalborg, Black Nurse Workeroid Trigger (Heal)
Metalborg, Devil Loader Battleroid Trigger (Draw)
Metalborg, Grasscutter Battleroid Trigger (Critical)
Metalborg, Locobattler Battleroid
Metalborg, Mec Rogue Battleroid
Metalborg Operator, Kilika Human Trigger (Stand)

Grade 1[]

Card Name Race Type
Metalborg, Black Doctor Workeroid
Metalborg, Bryknuckle Battleroid Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Metalborg, Death Blade Battleroid
Metalborg, Hammerhel Battleroid
Metalborg, Jet Sider Battleroid
Metalborg, Mist Ghost Battleroid
Metalborg, X Blaise Battleroid
Metalborg, Yunbot Battleroid

Grade 2[]

Card Name Race Type
Metalborg, Blacking Barrow Battleroid
Metalborg, Bulldump Battleroid
Metalborg, Diggerion Battleroid
Metalborg, Lionetter Battleroid
Metalborg, Magmafork Battleroid
Metalborg, Russell Blizzard Battleroid
Metalborg, Ur Buster Battleroid

Grade 3[]

Card Name Race Type
Metalborg, Barrengrader Battleroid
Metalborg, Drion Battleroid
Metalborg, Sandstorm Battleroid
Metalborg, Scissorion Battleroid
Metalborg, Sin Buster Battleroid

Grade 4[]

Card Name Race Type
Hyper Metalborg, Guilt Digger Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Hyper Metalborg, Heavyduke Battleroid G unit (Stride)

V Premium[]

Grade 0[]

Card Name Race Type
Metalborg, Blackboi (V Series) Battleroid

Grade 1[]

Card Name Race Type
Metalborg, Mist Ghost (V Series) Battleroid

Grade 2[]

Card Name Race Type
Metalborg, Lionetter (V Series) Battleroid
Metalborg, Ur Buster (V Series) Battleroid

Grade 3[]

Card Name Race Type
Metalborg, Sin Buster (V Series) Battleroid Force


  • The kanji from the name can be translated as "Steel Battle Machine".
  • The English name was initially translated as "Metal Vogue", but due to the negative feedback Bushiroad received, the name was changed to "Metalborg" (which was originally a fanmade translation), before the official English release.