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Minami Kawanami was a minor antagonist of the first arc of the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). He was a part of the Foo Fighter Organization, and went around invading and taking over card shops. After suffering a devastating loss against Toshiki Kai, he started acting like a dog, and continues the gag throughout the rest of the anime. he became one of the first PSYqualia Zombies, and helped Suiko Tatsunagi take over Fukuhara High School.


Minami is a very arrogant person, who takes pleasure in causing harm to others. Despite this, he himself is very afraid of pain, and runs in cowardice when things are not in his favor. His personality changes after losing to Toshiki Kai, and acts like a literal dog, with Asaka Narumi as his "owner".


He wears a red leather suit and pants, with his suit having grey accents and zippers, and a black shirt underneath. His hair is long, unkempt, and white.

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