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Monster Strike (モンスターストライク Monsutāsutoraiku) is a collaboration nation, consisting of characters from the Monster Strike franchise.


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Sets containing Monster Strike Cards



Name Type Description
Beast Tribe
Demihuman Tribe
Demon Lord
Demon Tribe
Dragon Tribe
Fairy Tribe
Holy Knight

List of Monster Strike cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Beast Deity, Godstriker Extreme Deity Front
Bringer of Light, Lucifer Fairy Tribe Over
Divine Arsenal’s Shining Armor, Kamui Holy Knight Front
Gacha Redora Set Order/Gacha
Gold Egg Egg
Goddess of True Flame, Agnamut Deity Critical
Holy Angel of the Dazzling Lamp, Nightingale Demihuman Tribe Heal
Holy Damsel of Monster Crusade, Martha Holy Knight Critical
Immortal Knight King of the Round Table, Arthur Holy Knight Over
Magician King of Wisdom, Solomon Holy Knight Draw
Majestic Monarch, Tutankhamun Demihuman Tribe Critical
New Ruler of Carcosa, Azathoth Occult Front
Oragon Dragon Tribe Over
Ruthless Monster-Slaying Hero, Perseus Deity Draw
Sephiroth of Hope, Binah Fairy Tribe Heal
Soul-saving White Holy Damsel, Guinevere Demihuman Tribe Heal
Witch of the Brilliant Banquet, Walpurgis Demon Tribe Draw

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Agriculture Goddess of the Illuminating Underworld, Persephone Deity
Angel of Romance and Agreeableness, Mana Holy Knight Sentinel
Awakened Savior, Miroku Deity
Ballad of Madness, Serenade Occult
Blessed Girl, Abel Demihuman Tribe
Cook of Souls and Life, Nacho Genie
Crush of Despair, Amida Demihuman
Eight Dog Warrior of Wisdom, Inusaka Keno Samurai
Eight-headed Sacrificial Princess, Kushinada Demihuman Tribe
Fiendish Magical Girls, Fujin & Raijin Deity
Gloomed Heavenly Blade, Juzumaru Tsunetsugu Samurai
Goddess of the Moon Reverie, Tsukuyomi Deity
Goddess of the Yamatai Land, Mahoroba Deity
Great Gentleman Thief who Steals Feudal Realms, Nezumi Kozo Beast Tribe
Great Magical Girl of Light and Shadow, Rembrandt Demihuman Tribe
Illusionary Ninja, Sarutobi Sasuke Demihuman Tribe
Infinitree, Yggdrasil Fairy Tribe
Heavenly Great Thief, Ishikawa Goemon Demihuman Tribe
Shining Purity Maiden, Pearl Holy Knight Sentinel
Shining Star-gazer Sorcerer, Merlin Demon Lord
Solemn Repose, Requiem Occult
Song of Emotions, Aria Occult
Soul-inviting Guide of the Swamp, Teynemosir Demihuman Tribe
Spy with a Thousand Faces, Nyarlathotep Occult
Sweet Dream Chocola Demihuman Tribe
Watcher of the Abyss, Helheim Genie

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Arsene: Phantom Mode Demihuman Tribe
Bewitching Dream, Succubus Demon Lord
Blade Deity of Reincarnation, Mikazuki Munechika Samurai
Demonic Ruler of Sins, Belphegor Demon Tribe
Demon Lord of the Zenith Heaven's Loyal Supporter, Mori Ranmaru Samurai
Destiny Connecter, Hallelujah Holy Knight
Dreadful Nightmare, Nocturne Occult
Fiendish Fox Princess of Beauty, Daji Genie
Grand Honorable, Yamato Takeru Holy Knight
Great Sea Deity, Watatsumi Genie
Infinitree, Yggdrasil Fairy Tribe
Innocent "Sky Deity", Onyankopon Deity
Jailer of Frozen Lands, Cocytus Genie
Judgement Lord of the Underworld, Enma Daiou Demon Lord
Long-cherished Wish, Lady Sun Samurai
Magical Emperor of Another World, Napoleon Holy Knight
Miracle Illustrator, Moses Genie
Noble Valkyrie of Piercing Love, Brynhildr Holy Knight
One Who Spins the Song, Ono no Komachi Genie
Pleasant Raise, March Occult
Power of Reunited Emotions, Two for all Demihuman Tribe
Pure Long-Haired Battle Princess, Rapunzel Demihuman Tribe
Pure Mermaid Diva, Lorelei Demihuman Tribe
Queen of Purest Water Spirits, Tequila Fairy Tribe
Queen of the Mahoroba Land, Himiko Holy Knight
Ruler who reached the Zenith, Toyotomi Hideyoshi Samurai
True Soul Confessor, Goethe Genie
Spectacular Guardian of the Paradise, Gabriel Fairy Tribe
Spirit of the Elegant Flower Nation, Plumeria Fairy Tribe
Unbroken Ruler of Troubles, Avici Genie
Unique Detective, Sherlock Holmes Demihuman Tribe

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Absolutely Invincible Great King of Terror, Nostradamus Demihuman Tribe
Benevolent Goddess of the Universe, Benzaiten Deity
Best Rock Band of the Cosmos, Wicked Pistols Demon Lord
Black Blazing Executor of Darkness, Lin Zi Holy Knight
Demon of Causality, Laplace Demon Lord
Destruction Blackrose, Harley X Demihuman Tribe
Genesis Deity of the Illuminating World, Atum Deity
Great Connector Magical Girl of Bonds, Red-Hood Nonno Demihuman Tribe
Great Fiery Deity of Finest Justice, Prometheus Deity
Holy Sword of True Bonds, Excalibur Holy Knight
Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Uriel Fairy Tribe
Legend of the Saving Innovation, Sakamoto Ryoma Samurai
Little Demonic Dance Unit, Mononoke Girl Genie
Maid of Unbridled Hope, Pandora Demihuman Tribe
Netherworld Creator, Izanami Deity
Netherworld Warden, Gehenna Demon Lord
One and Only Emperor, Caesar Demihuman
Taboo Ghost, Setsuna Demon Lord
Valkyrie of Breaking Sharp Blade, Yamato Axis
Valkyrie of the Unsealed Holy Shield, Athena Deity
Worldmaker, Izanagi Deity