"This is THE Toshiki Kai BOOK" is a deck of 50 cards based around of Kagero clan. It comes included on the Monthly Bushiroad August issue.

Card List

Code Amount Name Grade Clan Trigger
MBD3/001 1 Perdition Dragon, Claws Vile Dragon 3 Kagero
MBD3/002 3 Vorpal Cannon Dragon 3 Kagero
MBD3/003 4 Perdition Berserker, Jaratkaru 3 Kagero
MBD3/004 4 Perdition Mage, Asticah 2 Kagero
MBD3/005 2 Dragon Dancer, Arabella 2 Kagero
MBD3/006 4 Perdition Dragon Knight, Nazel 2 Kagero
MBD3/007 4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr 1 Kagero
MBD3/008 4 Iron Tail Dragon 1 Kagero
MBD3/009 2 Dragon Monk, Gojo 1 Kagero
MBD3/010 3 Guard Griffin 1 Kagero
MBD3/011 2 Perdition Wyvern, Grue 1 Kagero
MBD3/012 1 Perdition Dragon Knight, Sahar 0 Kagero
MBD3/013 4 Lizard Soldier, Goraha 0 Kagero Critical
MBD3/014 4 Flame of Rest, Geara 0 Kagero Draw
MBD3/015 4 Wyvern Strike, Flee 0 Kagero Stand
MBD3/016 4 Dragon Dancer, Barbara 0 Kagero Heal
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