"Neon Messiah" is the 1st Movie Booster released in the Japanese format.

Since this booster set will not be released in the English format, the cards within it are included in Legion of Dragons & Blades ver.E and Blazing Perdition ver.E.



BISAI/Daisuke Izuka/kana/koji/MEIMU/NINNIN/ToMo/touge369/あおじ/安達洋介/イシバシヨウスケ/伊藤彰/伊藤未生/イトウヨウイチ/おにねこ/かわすみ/喜久屋めがね/ことぶきつかさ/ショースケ/スズキゴロウ/タカヤマトシアキ/田澤潮/種田和宏/辻野芳輝/椿春雨/ねじ太/萩谷薫/藤ちょこ/前河悠一/雅/増田幹生/碧風羽/三好載克/村枝賢一/村山竜大/瞑丸イヌチヨ/百瀬寿/モレシャン/山﨑奈苗/ヤマモトヒロユキ/竜徹/りりんら

Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
MBT01/001 Light Source Seeker, Alfred Exiv 3 Royal Paladin RRR+LR+SP
MBT01/002 Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Glare 3 Gold Paladin RRR+SP
MBT01/003 Perdition Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great 3 Kagero RRR+LR+SP
MBT01/004 Juxtapose Deletor, Zaele 3 Link Joker RRR+SP
MBT01/005 Star-vader, Blaster Joker 3 Link Joker RRR+LR+SP
MBT01/006 Star-vader, Venom Dancer 3 Link Joker RRR+SP
MBT01/007 Energy Seeker, Maddan 2 Royal Paladin RR
MBT01/008 Seeker, Plume Wall Angel 1 Royal Paladin RR
MBT01/009 Regulation Liberator, Aglovale 2 Gold Paladin RR
MBT01/010 Perdition Dragon, Dragonic Neoflame 2 Kagero RR+LR
MBT01/011 Perdition Dragon Knight, Sattar 1 Kagero RR
MBT01/012 Star-vader, Sword Viper 2 Link Joker RR
MBT01/013 Infinitesimal Star-vader, Mayoron 1 Link Joker RR
MBT01/014 Refusing Deletor, Evil 1 Link Joker RR
MBT01/015 Agreement Seeker, Menprius 2 Royal Paladin R
MBT01/016 Citation Liberator, Heli 2 Gold Paladin R
MBT01/017 Flaming Passion Liberator, Guido 0 Gold Paladin R
MBT01/018 Perdition Dragon, Break Down Dragon 3 Kagero R
MBT01/019 Perdition Dragon Knight, Tarayev 2 Kagero R
MBT01/020 Perdition Dragon, Petal Flare Dracokid 0 Kagero R
MBT01/021 Star-vader of Silence, Dilaton 2 Link Joker R
MBT01/022 Star-vader, Turndown Dragon 1 Link Joker R
MBT01/023 Looting Deletor, Gunec 1 Link Joker R
MBT01/024 Star-vader, Bravefang 0 Link Joker R
MBT01/025 Rousing Seeker, Aremil 1 Royal Paladin C
MBT01/026 Liberator, Gigantech Anger 3 Gold Paladin C
MBT01/027 Mertgal Liberator 2 Gold Paladin C
MBT01/028 Invitation Liberator, Rud 1 Gold Paladin C
MBT01/029 Chikgal Liberator 1 Gold Paladin C
MBT01/030 Liberator, Dulcet Archer 1 Gold Paladin C
MBT01/031 Perdition Dancer, Eulalia 3 Kagero C
MBT01/032 Embodiment of Perdition, Sahr 2 Kagero C
MBT01/033 Perdition Berserker, Manasa 2 Kagero C
MBT01/034 Embodiment of Perdition, Majid 1 Kagero C
MBT01/035 Perdition Wyvern, Zekar 1 Kagero C
MBT01/036 Perdition Dragon Knight, Tovare 0 Kagero Critical C
MBT01/037 Perdition Dragon, Glutton Dracokid 0 Kagero Draw C
MBT01/038 Perdition Sprite, Kurdalaegon 0 Kagero Stand C
MBT01/039 Star-vader, Railstar Dragon 3 Link Joker C
MBT01/040 Diverging Deletor, Newark 3 Link Joker C
MBT01/041 Howling Deletor, Fruet 3 Link Joker C
MBT01/042 Mashing Deletor, Gaon 3 Link Joker C
MBT01/043 Greedy Deletor, Jail 2 Link Joker C
MBT01/044 Peeling Deletor, Progue 2 Link Joker C
MBT01/045 Bullet-mark Star-vader, Rhenium 2 Link Joker C
MBT01/046 Star-vader, Grand Baboon 1 Link Joker C
MBT01/047 Star-vader, Archfox 0 Link Joker C
MBT01/048 Natatorial Deletor, Nie 0 Link Joker C
MBT01/049 Marching Deletor, Maze 0 Link Joker Critical C
MBT01/050 Squeezing Deletor, Id 0 Link Joker Draw C
MBT01/L02 Blaster Blade Seeker 2 Royal Paladin LR
MBT01/L06 Companion Star Star-vader, Photon 2 Link Joker LR
MBT01/S07 (A/B) Harmonics Messiah 4 - SP

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin 0 2 2(+1) 1 0 5(+1)
Gold Paladin 1 3 3 2 0 9
Kagero 4 3 4 3 0 14
Link Joker 5 5 5(+1) 7 0 22(+1)
- 0 0 0 0 1 1

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