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Nanami Gonomi (五ノ実 ナナミ Gonomi Nanami) is an antagonist of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Shinemon. She is an S-ranked officer of the Esuka Corporation.


Nanami has shoulder-length strawberry blond that is tied up with pink orbs as front pigtails and deep pink eyes.

She wears a light green long-sleeved blouse, with tan short shorts, and boots. Her boots and blouse are adorned with pink bows, while the ends of her blouse are shaped like leaves.


She values strength and power and is a child prodigy of card fighting. She admires her boss, Esuka Hibino. Initially, she refused to do anything that she would deem pointless until Shinemon changed her way of thinking and started to think that never giving up, no matter how pointless, was worth doing if it could mean a chance to change everything. She has even been shown to be fond of cats as seen when Shinemon tempted her with the kitten Assisticat.


The name Nanami and the surname Gonomi contain the characters of different numbers. "五" can be read as the number 5, while "ナナ" can be read as the number 7. Both of her names also end the same phonetically, with "実" and "ミ" both being read as "mi".

  • Nanami's surname Gonomi means "five" (五) (go) and "fruit, good result, truth" (実) (mi).
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