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Naoki Ishida is a main character of the second arc of the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). Due to his reclusive nature, he tends to be misjudged, and is treated as a bully by his classmates, but quickly becomes friends with the entire Miyaji Academy Cardfight Club. During the fight against Wandering Star Brandt, he becomes the embodiment of Blaster Javelin, who is one of Monarch Sanctuary Alfred's strongest soldiers.


He was a recluse as a child, and was always treated as a bully. One memory he despises is of a younger Aichi Sendou being bullied by other kids while Naoki just watches, and leaves. Because of this, Naoki wishes to protect and defend Aichi from other bullies, such as when Aichi's fliers for the Miyaji Academy Cardfight Club were secretly being torn down and torn apart. He also tries to protect Kourin Tatsunagi from stalkerish fans, and becomes best friends with Shingo Komoi this way, after first accusing him of being a stalker. He is afraid of Misaki Tokura, and refers to her as "Boss". After turning Aichi into a PSYqualia Zombie, he quickly regrets it, and tries to help find Aichi.


During school, he wears the male Miyaji Academy school outfit, consisting of a black suit and trousers, with red trim. Outside of school, he wears a green jacket over a black shirt with grey trim, and blue jeans. His hair is red and spiky, albeit disheveled, and his eyes are yellow.

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