New Year's Wishes (振袖乙女と願いごと Furisode Otome to Negai-goto, "For Wishes and Kimono Maidens") is a season event in Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO, first introduced in January 2020.


  • 2020: January 1st (00:00) to January 10th (13:59) [JP]
  • 2021: January 2nd (17:00 PST) to January 11th (23:59 PST) [Global]


This event involves moving the My Room - Emi Sendou (Kimono) across a board game using dice acquired from Missions, Daily Logins, and by viewing the Model Room.

  • There are also free guaranteed 3, 2, and 1 dice per day (which can be bought with gems if you want more).
  • The first space on the board features a roulette which could allow the multiplication of gained Kagami Mochi by x3 or x5.
  • The other spaces on the board either give the player Bermuda Triangle cards, Kagami Mochi, or allows them to move an extra space forward.
  • One space also allowed for a fight against an EASY CPU player. If you won, you would unlock quick fight for that character for the rest of event. Rewards would be provided for milestone laps around the board.
    • Defeating the CPU allows for the roulette to enter "Fever mode", which fills the roulette with x3 and x5 slots.

The cards gained from this event would not go towards the players collection, instead they allow the progression of the story and are used for a rental deck to play against the event boss, a CPU Misaki Tokura (Kimono). Once all cards are acquired, their spaces would be replaced by Kagami Mochi. There are three rounds, with the difficulty of the boss increasing after each round.

Kagami Mochi can be exchanged for select items at the exchange store.

Chances of getting roulette is as follows;

Ways 3x Chance 5x Chance
Landing on 1st Panel (free roll) 1/3 1/6
Landing on 1st Panel (pay 50 gems) 2/3 1/3
Win a Fever fight 2/3 1/3


To be added.

Event Exchange Store Items

Item Kagami Mochi
My Room - Emi Sendou (Kimono) 5000
My Room - Misaki Tokura (Kimono) 5000
Character - Emi Sendou (Kimono) 5000
Character - Misaki Tokura (Kimono) 5000
Home - Emi Sendou (Kimono) 500
Home - Misaki Tokura (Kimono) 500
Sleeve - Emi Sendou (Kimono) 1000
Sleeve - Misaki Tokura (Kimono) 1000
Gacha Ticket (1 Pack) 2000
Blue-eye Statue 100
Red-eye Statue 100
New Year Kadomatsu 100
New Year Kagami Biraki set 100
New Year Golden Folding Screen 200
New Year Hatsuyume Scroll 200
New Year Kagami Mochi 300
New Year Kotatsu 700
New Year Lion Dance 300
My Room Coin 10
Premium Coin 50

Mission Rewards

Special Daily Login Bonus

  • The Global version included an additional login bonus, lasting from January 1st until January 7th.


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