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Nova Grappler Emblem

The Nova Grappler (ノヴァグラップラー Nova Gurappurā) is a clan from the nation of Star Gate. First introduced in Booster Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights. Lore-wise, the Nova Grapplers are a participant in the "Nova Grapple", a fully free fighting sport.

Kamui Katsuragi uses this clan in both the anime and manga. Nagisa Daimonji also uses this clan in the anime.


What is Nova Grappler?

Pro fighters have gathered from around the globe to participate in this event. As all weapons, spells, and modifications are allowed, no one is really sure whether this is a no-holds-barred competition or a battlefield anymore. Most of the participants are machines, but there are other types of participants as well. The Nova Grapple is also one of Star Gate's main sources of tourism.

Extreme Battlers and Exxtreme Battlers

Recently, the number of young kid fans of Nova Grapple is increasing drastically. To amuse these adorable guests, a certain team develops series of robos---the "Extreme Battlers" and the reinforced "Exxtreme Battlers". The heroically fighting "Exxtreme Battlers" win popularity among both adults and kids, while the "Extreme Battlers", who have comical looks and fight merrily, attract the eyesight of younger children.

What is Nova Grappler? (Card of the Day 20th April 2016)

It is a group of pro fighters with global popularity. Their activities have become a great source of tourism income of "Star Gate". Nova Grapple accepts participants from all races, and all weapons, spells, and modifications are allowed. Although many participants are machines, but there are also superhumans who can fight with machines equally, and aliens from other planets. Their fights go beyond the common senses of ordinary combat sports. Their fights are not limited to ground, and seas and the space are also their rings to be fought on mobile weapons.


Nova Grappler fully focuses on Standing for a successive attack, and gains more power from Stand. Many of their cards can Stand after an attack, and some wil gain more power. Their Keyword Rush, which activates when they [Stand] due to an effect or Trigger, is a symbol to this playstyle.

The Death Army and Asura Kaisers focuses on Dive Check and reveal a grade 3 so they would [Stand] themselves and little bit of other cards.

The Beast Deity also focuses on Drive Check, this one requiring any grade 1 or greater among them.

Known/Notable Cardfighters



Name Type Description
Alien Shared
Angel Shared
Battleroid Shared
Dragonman Shared
Elf Shared
Hero Unique
High Beast Shared
Human Shared
Vampire Shared
Workeroid Shared
Warbeast Shared


Name Type Description
Asura Archetype A battleroid fighter who specializes in a jack-of-all-trades fighting style.
Asura Kaiser Archetype A battleroid fighter who specializes in a jack-of-all-trades fighting style.
Blau Sub-clan A series of mobile airframes equipped with devastating combat armaments.
Beast Deities Sub-clan A series of battleroid fighters designed to resemble mythological animals.
Death Army Sub-clan A series of battleroid fighters themed after chess pieces.
Hero Race A specialized group of fighters who fight for justice.
Raizers Sub-clan A series of battleroid fighters derived from the original model.
Victor Archetype A mighty battleroid fighter who rose to fame due to his altruistic fighting style, becoming the hero of many children.

Sets containing Nova Grappler cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Booster Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights 13
Booster Set 2: Onslaught of Dragon Souls 7
Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion 4
Booster Set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows 10
Booster Set 5: Awakening of Twin Blades 4
Booster Set 6: Breaker of Limits 12
Booster Set 9: Clash of the Knights & Dragons 11
Booster Set 10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights 8
Booster Set 13: Catastrophic Outbreak 15
Booster Set 16: Legion of Dragons & Blades 21
Booster Set 17: Blazing Perdition ver.E 21
G Booster Set 1: Generation Stride 25
G Booster Set 6: Transcension of Blade and Blossom 23
G Booster Set 10: Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs 28

Extra Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol. 1 9
Extra Booster: Infinite Phantom Legion 35
Extra Booster: Champions of the Cosmos 35
G Extra Booster 3: The GALAXY STAR GATE 27

Decks and Starter Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Trial Deck 3: Golden Mechanical Soldier 15

Extra Collections

Set Name No. of Cards
Fighters Collection 2013 1
Fighters Collection 2014 2
Fighters Collection 2015 2
Fighters Collection 2015 Winter 2
Fighters Collection 2016 2
Revival Collection Vol. 1 1
Fighters Collection 2017 3
Revival Collection Vol. 2 3
Special Series 01: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2019 2
Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020 2

List of Nova Grappler cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Arago Blauenergie Battleroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Battle Arm Leprechaun Elf
Battleraizer Battleroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Beast Deity, Bright Cobra Battleroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Beast Deity, Death Stinger Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Beast Deity, Great Eater Battleroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Beast Deity, Night Jackal Battleroid
Beast Deity, Rescue Bunny Battleroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Beast Deity, Riot Horn Battleroid
Beast Deity, Van Paurus Battleroid Trigger unit (Draw)
Beast Deity, White Tiger Battleroid
Blaujunger Battleroid
Cannon Ball Battleroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Cat Butler Warbeast
Death Army Pawn Battleroid
Drone Baron Alien Trigger unit (Draw)
Energy Girl Workeroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Energyraizer Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Break-pass Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Extreme Battler, Gunseal Battleroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Extreme Battler Hajimal Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Kabutron Battleroid
Extreme Battler Kachiwall Battleroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Extreme Battler, Runbhol Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Victhead Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Zanbhara Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Fighting Battleship, Prometheus Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Geisharaizer Battleroid Trigger unit (Draw)
Grapple Mania Workeroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Kaleido Ace Battleroid
Kitton Pikkon Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Lionet Heat Warbeast
Lucky Girl High Beast Trigger unit (Stand)
Magnegauss 2502 Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Meteoraizer Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Mega Hammer Lady Alien Trigger unit (Draw)
Minimum Raizer Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Mirror Image, Gesolaz Alien Trigger unit (Stand)
Morgenrot Battleroid
Orchis Blaukreuzer Battleroid Trigger unit (Draw)
Otero Blaufliegen Battleroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Perfect Referee, 2.99 Workeroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Petit Ace Battleroid
Raizer Crew Human Trigger unit (Draw)
Raizer Girl, Kate Workeroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Raizer Pilot, Huey Human
Red Card Dealer Alien Trigger unit (Stand)
Red Lightning Alien Trigger unit (Critical)
Regenbogen Battleroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Ring Girl, Ai Workeroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Ring Girl, Clara Workeroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Saar Blauglanz Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Schnee Regen Battleroid Trigger unit (Draw)
Schones Wetter Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Shining Lady Battleroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Starker Wind Battleroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Subliminal Gray Alien Trigger unit (Stand)
The Gong Workeroid Trigger unit (Draw)
Three Minutes Human Trigger unit (Draw)
Totem Brothers Alien Trigger unit (Draw)
Toughness Jane Alien Trigger unit (Heal)
Training Therapist Workeroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Transmigrating Evolution, Miraioh Battleroid
Turboraizer Battleroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Turboraizer Custom Battleroid
Wall Boy Battleroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Young Blaufechter Battleroid

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Almighty Reporter Workeroid
Anthrodroid Battleroid
Aura Baller Alien
Battering Minotaur Warbeast
Bear Down Samurai Battleroid
Beast Deity, Blank Marsh Battleroid
Beast Deity, Desert Gator Battleroid
Beast Deity, Frog Master Battleroid
Beast Deity, Hilarity Destroyer Battleroid
Beast Deity, Max Beat Battleroid
Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird Battleroid
Beast Deity, Solar Falcon Battleroid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Blade Arm Leprechaun Battleroid
Blaupanzer Battleroid
Blau Dunkelheit Battleroid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Burstraizer Battleroid
Cannonraizer Battleroid
Carvingraizer Battleroid
Clay-doll Chariot Alien
Clay-doll Mechanic Alien
Cray Soldier Alien
Dancing Wolf Warbeast
Death Army Bishop Battleroid
Death Army Guy Battleroid
Defending Goddess Alien Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Energy Charger Workeroid
Esteemed Champion Alien
Extreme Battler, Arashid Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Banguet Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Baryon Battleroid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Extreme Battler, Gunzdon Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Headstrong-battle Battleroid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Extreme Battler, Jerohawk Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Kendhol Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Malyaki Battleroid
Final Wrench Human
Flower Ray Leprechaun Battleroid
Furious Puncher Battleroid
Jetraizer Battleroid
Katanaraizer Battleroid
Kumar the Destroyer Warbeast
Lady Cyclone Alien Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Machinery Angel Angel
Morning Timer Workeroid
Neptune Blaukluger Battleroid
Oasis Girl Workeroid
Polar Stern Battleroid
Queen of Heart Battleroid
Raizer Custom Battleroid
Rajadamnern Kid Dragonman
Reserveraizer Battleroid
Riema Blaurakete Battleroid
Rocket Hammer Man Human
Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout Alien
Screamin' and Shoutin' Announcer, The Mike Workeroid
Shieldraizer Battleroid Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Shinobiraizer Battleroid
Space Bit Battleroid
Stoic Hani Battleroid
Tankraizer Battleroid
Toolkit Boy Workeroid
Tough Boy Battleroid
Twin Blader Battleroid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Varuna Blauwand Battleroid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Venus Blaukluger Battleroid
Vesta Blauklinge Battleroid

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Baade Blaukanone Battleroid
Babyface Narcissus Alien
Bare Knuckle, Arnest Human
Beast Deity, Black Tortoise Battleroid
Beast Deity, Brainy Papio Battleroid
Beast Deity, Damned Leo Battleroid
Beast Deity, Dragotwist Battleroid
Beast Deity, Golden Anglet Battleroid
Beast Deity, Hatred Chaos Battleroid
Beast Deity, Jackalord Battleroid
Blaukluger Battleroid
Bloody Reign Vampire
Boomerang Thrower Human
Brutal Jack Battleroid
Cool Hank Alien
Cup Bowler Human
Daredevil Samurai Battleroid
Death Army Knight Battleroid
Death Army Lady Battleroid
Death Army Rook Battleroid
Eisenkugel Battleroid
Esteemed Champion Alien
Extreme Battler, Arbarail Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Golshachi Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Gunzork Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Kenbeam Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Ninjaad Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Sazanda Battleroid
Extreme Battler, Sever-temper Battleroid
Gattlingraizer Battleroid
Grosse Baer Battleroid
Heroic Hani Battleroid
Hi-powered Raizer Custom Battleroid
Hungry Dumpty Alien
Jupiter Blaukluger Battleroid
King of Sword Battleroid
Kungfu Kid, Bolta Battleroid
Magical Gambler Human
Magical Performer Human
Magical Spinner Human
Magician Girl, Kirara Workeroid
Marineraizer High-torpedo Battleroid
Mars Blaukluger Battleroid
Marvelous Hani Alien
Master Kungfu Warbeast
Masuraoraizer Battleroid
NGM Prototype Battleroid
Oda Blauschleife Battleroid
Phoenixraizer Flame-wing Battleroid
Rapidraizer Battleroid
Regia Blaulanze Battleroid
Saturn Blaukluger Battleroid
Spurt Centaur Warbeast
Starlight Hedgehog Warbeast
Street Bouncer Alien
Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm Alien
Transraizer Battleroid
Ultimate Raizer Dual-flare Battleroid
Ultimate Raizer Speed-star Battleroid
Uranus Blaukluger Battleroid
Wingraizer Battleroid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Armored Fairy, Shubiela Battleroid
Armored Heavy Gunner Battleroid
Asura Kaiser Battleroid
Beast Deity, Azure Dragon Battleroid
Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Battleroid
Beast Deity, Yamatano Drake Battleroid
Brutal Joker Battleroid
Deadliest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster "Яeverse" Battleroid
Death Army Commander Battleroid
Death Metal Droid Battleroid
Dr. Angstrom Alien
Envoy of Righteousness, Crystaldevil Alien
Extreme Leader Mu-sashi Battleroid
Extreme Leader, Raybird Battleroid
Exxcessive Battler, Victor Battleroid
Exxtreme Battler, Danshark Battleroid
Exxtreme Battler, Victor Battleroid
Galaxy Blaukluger Battleroid
Gold Rutile Battleroid
Hollow Nomad Alien
Immortal, Asura Kaiser Battleroid
Infinite Corrosion Form, Death Army Cosmo Lord Alien
Lion Heat Warbeast
Marineraizer Anchor-arm Battleroid
Maximum Raizer Battleroid
Merkur Blaukluger Battleroid
Miss Splendor Alien
Moai the Great Alien
Mond Blaukluger Battleroid
Mr. Invincible Alien
Muscle Hercules Alien
Muscle Shriek Alien
Neumond Blaukluger Battleroid
Nobody from Olmeca Alien
Perfect Raizer Battleroid
Phoenixraizer Drill-wing Battleroid
Pluto Blaukluger Battleroid
Quad Gigas Alien
Stern Blaukluger Battleroid
Strongest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Extreme Battleroid
Top Gun Battleroid
Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord Alien
Ultimate Raizer Glory-hand Battleroid
Ultimate Raizer Mega-flare Battleroid
Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon Battleroid
Vollmond Blaukluger Battleroid
Zubat Battler, Victor Battleroid

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Blazar Blaukluger Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Demolition Beast, Demolzaurus Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Fang Dragon King Fist, Driger Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Favorite Champ, Victor Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Meteokaiser, Bustered Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Meteokaiser, Dogantitan Battleroid G unit (G guardian)
Meteokaiser, Gundreed Battleroid G unit (G guardian)
Meteokaiser, Tribrut Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Meteokaiser, Unior Battleroid G unit (G guardian)
Meteokaiser, Vic-Ten Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Meteokaiser, Victoplasma Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Meteokaiser, Victor Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Righteous Superhuman, Blue Prison Alien G unit (G guardian)
Sonne Blaukluger Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Ultimate Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Catastrophe Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Uncanny Dragon King, Azhdabalk Space Dragon G unit (Stride)
Universe Ace, Bustered Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Vertex Giant, Moai The Supreme Alien G unit (Stride)
War Deity, Asura Kaiser Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Winning Champ, Victor Battleroid G unit (Stride)