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"Nova Grappler" (ノヴァグラップラー Nova Gurappurā) is a clan from the nation of Co star Star Gate, and one of the first four clans in the game. The clan is themed around giant, human-piloted robots and aliens who fight competitively in matches similar to that of real-world mixed martial arts matches.


Nova Grapplers is a highly aggresive deck based around standing their own rear-guards to attack multiple times in one turn and defeat them more quickly by allowing them to still attack the opponent's Vanguard after taking down their interceptors. The Raizer series instead focus on putting a large amount of Raizers on the field to then be moved to the Soul and greatly increase the Vanguard's Power for each Raizer unit their soul.

Fight Skins

Kamui Katsuragi Kamui Katsuragi
(Asia Circuit)


Kamui Katsuragi



Name Type Description
Alien Shared Vagrant extraterrestrials.
Battleroid Shared Mechanical lifeforms specialised for battle.
Hero Unique A specialized group of fighters who fight for justice.
Human Shared Ordinary people who wield armaments to fight.
Warbeast Shared Beasts who specialize in combat.


Name Type Description
Asura Archetype A battleroid fighter who specializes in a jack-of-all-trades fighting style.
Asura Kaiser Archetype A battleroid fighter who specializes in a jack-of-all-trades fighting style.
Raizers Archetype A series of battleroid fighters derived from the original model.
Death Army Sub-clan A series of battleroid fighters themed after chess pieces.

List of Nova Grappler Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Battleraizer Battleraizer Battleroid
Beast Deity, White Tiger Beast Deity, White Tiger Battleroid
Blaujunger Blaujunger Battleroid
Death Army Pawn Death Army Pawn Battleroid
Lionet Heat Lionet Heat Warbeast
Transmigrating Evolution, Miraioh Transmigrating Evolution, Miraioh Battleroid

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Almighty Reporter Almighty Reporter Workeroid
Anthrodroid Anthrodroid Battleroid
Battering Minotaur Battering Minotaur Warbeast
Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird Battleroid
Blaupanzer Blaupanzer Battleroid
Burstraizer Burstraizer Battleroid
Clay-doll Mechanic Clay-doll Mechanic Alien
Cray Soldier Cray Soldier Alien
Dancing Wolf Dancing Wolf Warbeast
Death Army Bishop Death Army Bishop Battleroid
Death Army Guy Death Army Guy Battleroid
Raizer Custom Raizer Custom Battleroid
Rocket Hammer Man Rocket Hammer Man Alien
Queen of Heart Queen of Heart Battleroid
Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout Alien
Stoic Hani Stoic Hani Alien
Toolkit Boy Toolkit Boy Workeroid
Tough Boy Tough Boy Battleroid
Twin Blader Twin Blader Battleroid Perfect Guard

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Beast Deity, Black Tortoise Beast Deity, Black Tortoise Battleroid
Blaukluger Blaukluger Battleroid
Boomerang Thrower Boomerang Thrower Human
Brutal Jack Brutal Jack Battleroid
Cup Bowler Cup Bowler Human
Death Army Knight Death Army Knight Battleroid
Death Army Lady Death Army Lady Battleroid
Death Army Rook Death Army Rook Battleroid
Eisenkugel Eisenkugel Battleroid
Heroic Hani Heroic Hani Alien
Hi-powered Raizer Custom Hi-powered Raizer Custom Battleroid
Hungry Dumpty Hungry Dumpty Alien
King of Sword King of Sword Battleroid
Kungfu Kid, Bolta Kungfu Kid, Bolta Battleroid
Magician Girl, Kirara Magician Girl, Kirara Workeroid
Marvelous Hani Marvelous Hani Alien
Oasis Girl Oasis Girl Workeroid
Street Bouncer Street Bouncer Alien
Transraizer Transraizer Battleroid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Armored Fairy, Shubiela Armored Fairy, Shubiela Battleroid Trigger unit
Asura Kaiser Asura Kaiser Battleroid Trigger unit
Beast Deity, Azure Dragon Beast Deity, Azure Dragon Battleroid Trigger unit
Brutal Joker Brutal Joker Battleroid Trigger unit
Death Army Commander Death Army Commander Battleroid
Death Metal Droid Death Metal Droid Battleroid Trigger unit
Gold Rutile Gold Rutile Battleroid Trigger unit
Hollow Nomad Hollow Nomad Alien Trigger unit
Infinite Corrosion Form, Death Army Cosmo Lord Infinite Corrosion Form, Death Army Cosmo Lord Alien Trigger unit
Lion Heat Lion Heat Warbeast Trigger unit
Miss Splendor Miss Splendor Alien Trigger unit
Moai the Great Moai the Great Alien Trigger unit
Mr. Invincible Mr. Invincible Alien Trigger unit
Muscle Hercules Muscle Hercules Alien Trigger unit
Perfect Raizer Perfect Raizer Battleroid Trigger unit
Stern Blaukluger Stern Blaukluger Battleroid Trigger unit
Top Gun Top Gun Battleroid Trigger unit
Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord Alien Trigger unit

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