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"Nova Grappler" (ノヴァグラップラー Nova Gurappurā) is a clan from the Star Gate nation, and one of the first four clans in the game. The clan is themed around giant, human-piloted robots and aliens who fight competitively in matches similar to that of real-world mixed martial arts matches.


Nova Grapplers, in the initial release of the game, are focused on multi attacking, utilizing several effects that allow them to restand their Rear Guards.  They are also the only clan in the game currently that can Counter Charge.   

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Alien Shared Vagrant extraterrestrials.
Battleroid Shared Mechanical lifeforms specialised for battle.
Hero Unique A specialized group of fighters who fight for justice.
Human Shared Ordinary people who wield armaments to fight.
Warbeast Shared Beasts who specialize in combat.


Name Type Description
Asura Archetype A battleroid fighter who specializes in a jack-of-all-trades fighting style.
Asura Kaiser Archetype A battleroid fighter who specializes in a jack-of-all-trades fighting style.
Raizers Archetype A series of battleroid fighters derived from the original model.
Death Army Sub-clan A series of battleroid fighters themed after chess pieces.

List of Nova Grappler Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Battleraizer Battleraizer BattleroidBattleroid
Lionet Heat Lionet Heat WarbeastWarbeast
Transmigrating Evolution, Miraioh Transmigrating Evolution, Miraioh BattleroidBattleroid

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Anthrodroid Anthrodroid BattleroidBattleroid
Battering Minotaur Battering Minotaur WarbeastWarbeast
Burstraizer Burstraizer BattleroidBattleroid
Clay-doll Mechanic Clay-doll Mechanic AlienAlien
Cray Soldier Cray Soldier AlienAlien
Dancing Wolf Dancing Wolf WarbeastWarbeast
Death Army Guy Death Army Guy BattleroidBattleroid
Queen of Heart Queen of Heart BattleroidBattleroid
Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout AlienAlien
Toolkit Boy Toolkit Boy WorkeroidWorkeroid
Tough Boy Tough Boy BattleroidBattleroid
Twin Blader Twin Blader BattleroidBattleroid

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Brutal Jack Brutal Jack BattleroidBattleroid
Death Army Lady Death Army Lady BattleroidBattleroid
Hungry Dumpty Hungry Dumpty AlienAlien
King of Sword King of Sword BattleroidBattleroid
Kungfu Kid, Bolta Kungfu Kid, Bolta BattleroidBattleroid
Magician Girl, Kirara Magician Girl, Kirara WorkeroidWorkeroid
Transraizer Transraizer BattleroidBattleroid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Asura Kaiser Asura Kaiser BattleroidBattleroid Trigger unit
Brutal Joker Brutal Joker BattleroidBattleroid Trigger unit
Death Metal Droid Death Metal Droid BattleroidBattleroid Trigger unit
Gold Rutile Gold Rutile BattleroidBattleroid Trigger unit
Lion Heat Lion Heat WarbeastWarbeast Trigger unit
Mr. Invincible Mr. Invincible AlienAlien Trigger unit
Muscle Hercules Muscle Hercules AlienAlien Trigger unit
Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord AlienAlien Trigger unit

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