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"Oracle Think Tank" (オラクルシンクタンク Orakuru Shinku Tanku) is a clan from the nation of Co united.gif United Sanctuary, and one of the first four clans in the game. The clan is themed around a magical business conglomerate. Many of their services involve fortune telling, security, and magical studies.


Oracle Think Tank, following their theme of predicting the future, is focused on manipulating the top card of the player's deck, making it easier to hit triggers. Additionally they have several effects that allow the player to draw additional cards, helping them find key units or draw Sentinels and Interceptors to keep a strong defense.

Fight Skins


Misaki Tokura Yuri Usui Misaki Tokura
(Asia Circuit)


Misaki Tokura

Unit Representatives



Name Type Description
Angel Shared
Battleroid Shared
Elf Shared
Ghost Shared
High Beast Shared
Human Shared
Noble Shared
Sylph Shared


Name Type Description
Amaterasu Archetype The CEO of the conglomerate, and the avatar of the sun.
Battle Sisters Sub-clan An agent force that combats crime.
Magus Sub-clan Mystical fortune tellers.
Witch Sub-clan A troupe that focuses on collecting worldly information.

List of Oracle Think Tank Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Battle Sister, Eclair Battle Sister, Eclair Elf
Battle Sister, Waffle Battle Sister, Waffle Elf
Godhawk, Ichibyoshi Godhawk, Ichibyoshi High Beast
Supple Bamboo Princess, Kaguya Supple Bamboo Princess, Kaguya Noble
Little Witch, LuLu Little Witch, LuLu Human
Lozenge Magus Lozenge Magus Elf

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Battle Maiden, Sayorihime Battle Maiden, Sayorihime Noble
Battle Sister, Chocolat Battle Sister, Chocolat Elf Perfect Guard
Battle Sister, Candy Battle Sister, Candy Elf
Battle Sister, Cocoa Battle Sister, Cocoa Elf
Battle Sister, Cream Battle Sister, Cream Elf
Battle Sister, Lemonade Battle Sister, Lemonade Elf
Battle Sister, Maple Battle Sister, Maple Elf
Battle Sister, Omelet Battle Sister, Omelet Human
Battle Sister, Taffy Battle Sister, Taffy Elf
Circle Magus Circle Magus Human
Crescent Magus Crescent Magus Human
Dark Cat Dark Cat High Beast
Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukuyomi Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukuyomi Noble
Emerald Witch, LaLa Emerald Witch, LaLa Human
Luck Bird Luck Bird High Beast
Machine-gun Talk, Ryan Machine-gun Talk, Ryan Ghost
Moonsault Swallow Moonsault Swallow High Beast
One Who Gazes at the Truth One Who Gazes at the Truth Human
Oracle Guardian, Blue Eye Oracle Guardian, Blue Eye Battleroid
Oracle Guardian, Gemini Oracle Guardian, Gemini Battleroid
Petal Fairy Petal Fairy Sylph
Ripis Magus Ripis Magus Human
Solar Maiden, Uzume Solar Maiden, Uzume Noble
Sword Dancer Angel Sword Dancer Angel Angel
Tetra Magus Tetra Magus Human Perfect Guard
Weather Girl, Milk Weather Girl, Milk Sylph
White Hare of Inaba White Hare of Inaba High Beast

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Battle Deity, Susanoo Battle Deity, Susanoo Noble
Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime Noble
Battle Sister, Caramel Battle Sister, Caramel Elf
Battle Sister, Cocotte Battle Sister, Cocotte Elf
Battle Sister, Glace Battle Sister, Glace Human
Battle Sister, Macaron Battle Sister, Macaron Elf
Battle Sister, Mocha Battle Sister, Mocha Human
Battle Sister, Pudding Battle Sister, Pudding Elf
Battle Sister, Tarte Battle Sister, Tarte Elf
Blue Scale Deer Blue Scale Deer High Beast
Briolette Magus Briolette Magus Human
Cuore Magus Cuore Magus Human
Faithful Angel Faithful Angel Angel
Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi Noble
Maiden of Libra Maiden of Libra Angel
Onmyoji of the Moonlit Night Onmyoji of the Moonlit Night Human
Oracle Agent, Royce Oracle Agent, Royce Human
Oracle Guardian, Red Eye Oracle Guardian, Red Eye Battleroid
Oracle Guardian, Shisa Oracle Guardian, Shisa Battleroid
Oracle Guardian, Wiseman Oracle Guardian, Wiseman Battleroid
Promise Daughter Promise Daughter Human
Rock Witch, GaGa Rock Witch, GaGa Human
Silent Tom Silent Tom Ghost
Stellar Magus Stellar Magus Human

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Battle Sister, Cookie Battle Sister, Cookie Elf Trigger unit
Battle Sister, Fromage Battle Sister, Fromage Elf Trigger unit
Battle Sister, Gelee Battle Sister, Gelee Elf Trigger unit
Battle Sister, Parfait Battle Sister, Parfait Elf Trigger unit
Battle Sister, Monaka Battle Sister, Monaka Elf Trigger unit
Battle Sister, Souffle Battle Sister, Souffle Elf Trigger unit
CEO Amaterasu CEO Amaterasu Noble Trigger unit
Cylindre Magus Cylindre Magus Human Trigger unit
Evil-eye Princess, Euryale Evil-eye Princess, Euryale Noble Trigger unit
Floral Magus Floral Magus Human Trigger unit
Gentle Jimm Gentle Jimm Ghost Trigger unit
Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya Noble Trigger unit
Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi Noble Trigger unit
Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu Noble Trigger unit
Hexagonal Magus Hexagonal Magus Human Trigger unit
Imperial Daughter Imperial Daughter Human Trigger unit
Meteor Break Wizard Meteor Break Wizard Human Trigger unit
Omniscience Madonna Omniscience Madonna Workeroid Trigger unit
Oracle Guardian, Apollon Oracle Guardian, Apollon Battleroid Trigger unit
Oracle Guardian, Sphinx Oracle Guardian, Sphinx Battleroid Trigger unit
Pentagonal Magus Pentagonal Magus Human Trigger unit
Scarlet Witch, CoCo Scarlet Witch, CoCo Human Trigger unit
Secretary Angel Secretary Angel Angel Trigger unit
Sky Witch, NaNa Sky Witch, NaNa Human Trigger unit

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