V-TD12-016 (Sample)

Power Rise Elixir

Order (オーダー Ōdā) is a card type. Orders represent your vanguard's commands, such as the use of strategies, magic, or items.

How It Works

  • A fighter can use one order card per turn, by revealing it from their hand and putting into the drop zone. Players can only use order cards whose grade is equal to or less than their vanguard's grade.
  • There are two types of order cards:
    • Normal Order: Can be used during your main phase.
    • Blitz Order: Can be used during the guard step of your opponent's turn.
  • Tickets (チケット Chiketto) such as Quick Shield are order pseudo-cards, in the same way that tokens are unit pseudo-cards. Unlike other order cards, tickets cannot be put in the main deck and are instead added to the hand as a result of an ability.
  • A player can put any number of order cards in the main deck, including up to four order cards with the same name.
  • Order cards cannot be chosen for a normal ride or normal call. Whenever an order card should be superior ridden or called, it is put into the drop zone.
  • The grade of order cards is ignored while revealing your hand for G Assist. For example, if you have a grade 1 vanguard, no grade 2 unit cards in hand, and a grade 2 order card in hand, you may perform G Assist.
  • If an order card is put into the damage zone, drop zone, or soul, it remains there.
  • The grade of order cards can be referred to with abilities, as well as being discarded for Stride.
  • If an order card is put on the field as a locked card, put it into the drop zone after it is unlocked.
  • If an order card is superior called to a rear-guard circle with a unit on it, the order card is put into the drop zone without retiring the rear-guard originally there.

First Vanguard Interaction

The text of all V-icon first vanguard cards has been changed to grant the player a Quick Shield ticket upon being rode on. For all cards, see Category:FV Order.

List of Order Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Quick Shield Quick Shield Blitz order/Ticket

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Power Rise Elixir Power Rise Elixir Normal order

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Tactics of Knowledge, Stout Arm Chapter Tactics of Knowledge, Stout Arm Chapter Normal order

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