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Order (オーダー Ōdā) is a card type. Orders represent a vanguard's commands, such as the use of strategies, magic, or items. During deck construction, a player may include any number of order cards in their main deck, as long as all other rules are followed. Unless otherwise specified, an order card belongs to all clans and nations

How To Use

Each player can play up to one order card per turn. A player may only play an order card if its grade is equal to or less than their vanguard's grade. To play an order card, the player puts it into their order area, pays any required cost, follows its instructions, then puts it into their drop zone.

There are two types of order cards:

  • Normal Order: Can be used during your main phase.
  • Blitz Order: Can be used during the guard step of your opponent's turn.

Ticket Cards

Tickets (チケット Chiketto) such as Quick Shield are order pseudo-cards, in the same way that tokens are unit pseudo-cards. Like tokens, tickets are not put in the main deck but are instead generated during the game as a result of an ability.

Because they are pseudo-cards, ticket cards can only exist in the hand or order area. If a ticket card is put anywhere else (drop zone, damage zone, field, etc.), it immediately ceases to exist.


  • Order cards other than tickets can exist in its player's game zones.
  • Order cards cannot be chosen for a normal ride or normal call. If an order card would be superior ridden or called, it is put into the drop zone instead. This does not cause a rear guard to retire if the order card was superior called onto a circle that already contained a rear guard, as the order card was never considered to be on the field.
  • The grade of order cards in your hand do not count for G Assist. For example, if you have a grade 1 vanguard, no grade 2 unit cards in hand, and a grade 2 order card in hand, you may declare G Assist; but you cannot use G Assist to add an order card to your hand. However, you may still remove order cards from your hand to pay the cost of G Assist.
  • Order cards are considered to be cards of their grade, so their grades can be referred to with abilities and they can be used (along with unit cards or by themselves) to pay the cost of Stride.
  • If an order card is put on the field as a locked card, it remains locked on the field but is put into the drop zone immediately after it is unlocked.

First Vanguard Interaction

For all cards, see Category:FV Order.

Following the introduction of order cards, all first vanguards from V-icon.png Series were given the additional effect to grant a Quick Shield ticket to the player when rode upon while opponent's vanguard is grade 1 or greater. Cards of this category that were previously released have received an errata to now have it.


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List of Order Cards


Card Name Clan Grade Type
Clear Frame "Whirling Wash of Curse Cleansing" -- 3 Normal order
Halo of Bonds, Solidar Bangle -- 1 Normal order
Illusory Spirit Manuscript, Fancyclopedia -- 2 Normal order
Ingenious Tactics, Book of Strong-arming -- 3 Normal order
Legendary Fighter, DAIGO -- 0 Blitz order/Ticket
Lyricle's Veil -- 2 Normal order
Power Rise Elixir -- 2 Normal order
Quick Shield -- 0 Blitz order/Ticket
Soul Bullet Roulette -- 3 Normal order
Tempest Sphere -- 1 Normal order

United Sanctuary

Card Name Clan Grade Type
When Light and Darkness Intersects Royal PaladinRoyal Paladin 2 Normal order

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  • Most of the order cards feature spirits in their artworks, which fits with the description of Cray Elemental.
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