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World (かい Sekai) is a subtype of Set Order introduced in D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats. It is exclusive to the Brandt Gate nation.

How It Works[]

  • While a card with World subtype exists in a player's order zone, that player is considered to have a World (a special state).
  • If you have a World, it can grant itself an additional state, as long as there is only cards with World subtype in your order zone. Depending on the number of those cards in your order zone, this state is treated differently and remains that way during the whole game.
    • 1 card: Your World is treated as Dark Night state (黒夜ダークナイト Dākunaito).
    • 2 or more cards: Your World is treated as Abyssal Dark Night state (深淵黒夜アビサルダークナイト Abisaru Dākunaito).
  • While these states do not have any particular meaning in terms of rules, certain effects require the World to be treated as a specific state.

List of Worlds[]

List of Cards that Require Having a World[]

List of Searchers[]


  • Along with the order's name, the "Cardinal" related cards also feature cubes in their artworks, which could be a reference to the Buddhist term "worlds of the ten directions" (十方世界 Jippō Sekai). The kanji 方 can be used to form the word "cube" (立方 Rippō), hence the feature on the cards.