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D-BT01-005EN-RRR (Sample)

Cardinal Deus, Orfist

"Orfist" (オルフィスト Orufisuto) is an archetype exclusive to the Brandt Gate nation, first introduced in D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats. The deck is closely related to the Cardinal sub-nation of cards who serve as support for the Orfist archetype.


Orfist's primary gameplan revolves around the World Order Cards, which when gathered while only having World Orders enable the "Dark Night" and "Abyssal Dark Night" states. Once "Dark Night" and "Abyssal Dark Night" are enabled, Orfist's main focus is to call Shadow Army Tokens to gather high power Rear-guards for low investment to overwhelm the opponent. Each of the Individual World Orders support the use of Shadow Army Tokens in different ways.

With the introduction of "Cardinal Dominus, Orfist Regis", Orfist took a new direction towards a more aggresive playstyle, calling Shadow Army Tokens during the Battle Phase to attack multiple times. Additionally, rather than just enabling Abyssal Dark Night, Orfist now aims to gather a large amount of World Orders at once and call more Shadow Armies the more World Orders are set at once. Calling more Shadow Armies during the battle phase will often require the player to call over an occupied Rear-guard Circle, because of this some Orfist support cards have effect that activate when they are retired which will work when they are called over by a Shadow Army.

Orfist and its support cards allow the player to place World Orders into the Order Zone via card abilities to circumvent the once-per-turn nature of activating Order cards and gather more Worlds each turn. This works alongside the World Order's trait that they perform an action when they are placed into the Order Zone regardless of how they are placed.

List of "Orfist" Cards[]

Grade 3[]

Card Name Race Type
Cardinal Deus, Orfist Cyber Golem
Cardinal Dominus, Orfist Regis Cyber Golem
Cardinal Mors, Orfist Masques Cyber Golem

List of "Orfist" Support[]

Grade 1[]

Card Name Race Type
Cardinal Fang, Rayosia Cyber Beast Cardinal Deus, Orfist
Cardinal Principle, Opart Cyber Fairy Cardinal Mors, Orfist Masques

Grade 2[]

Card Name Race Type
Polarxis Dragon Cyber Dragon