overDress (オーバードレス ōbāDoresu), or "o-Dress" for short, is a keyword introduced in D Start Deck 01: Yu-yu Kondo -Holy Dragon-. It appears to be exclusive to the Dragon Empire nation, used by Yu-yu Kondo.

How It Works

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Special marker

  • Whenever a unit with overDress could be normal called to (RC), you may instead perform overDress, by placing it on top of another rear-guard that meets the conditions stated in the overDress ability. In that case, the unit is placed on (RC) in overDress state, with the previous unit under it, and remains that way on the field. This is not considered as a normal call.
  • When an overDress is performed, the process is as follows:
    • The overDress unit is placed on (RC) on top of the unit.
    • The main type of the unit that was on (RC) is changed from "unit" to "originalDress" (ドレス元 Doresu-moto). An originalDress card is not considered as a unit or a card on the field.
    • The originalDress becomes associated with the overDress unit that was placed on top of it and remains on the (RC) under the overDress unit.
      • If the originalDress was itself an overDress unit, any originalDresses that were associated with that unit become associated with the new overDress unit.
  • A unit is considered to be in overDress state for as long as it has an originalDress associated with it.
  • If a unit in overDress state is moved to another circle or zone, its originalDress is moved with it.
    • If a unit in overDress state is moved to a non-field zone, its originalDress disassociates with it and returns to being a separate card.
  • A unit can only be placed in overDress state via the above procedure, and not when it is called by a card's ability.
  • A card with overDress can still be normal called as usual.
  • If a unit in overDress state becomes locked, its originalDress remains in association with it. Similarly, if a locked card that was in overDress state ceases to be locked, its originalDress remains in association with it.

List of Cards

Card Name Grade originalDress
Vairina 2 Trickstar
Vairina Arcs 2 Trickstar
Vairina Valiente 3 Trickstar


  • Back when Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress was announced, it was written with a capital O.
  • The use of overDress has been also referred as "evolving your buddy".

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