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Pale Moon Emblem

"Pale Moon" (ペイルムーン Peiru Mūn, sometimes written as 蒼ざめた月ペイルムーン in flavor texts) is a circus-themed clan from the nation of Dark Zone, and introduced in Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion. This clan focuses on calling units from the soul. For that, there is a number of effects that allow Soul Charge, and some of them allow a specific option of cards from the deck. Then, G Trial Deck 7 added the keyword "Magia", which allows to call units from the soul with added bonuses and/or lower costs in exchange of returning them to the soul at the end of turn.

This clan is primarily used by Asaka Narumi and Kiriya Bidou from the anime, as well as Luna Yumizuki in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis.


What is Pale Moon?

Pale Moon is a magical circus of which headquarter is located in "Dark Zone", the nation of mysteries and magic. They give touring shows all over the world, and win popularity with extraordinarily high level of performing skills and performances of magic. Nevertheless, behind the scene, they are merciless assassins. The magic and psychic powers, and the dangerous weapons and beasts, are not only decorations on the stage, but tools to wipe out intruders who dare to grope for the secrets of Dark Zone like magic tricks.

The Reality of "Pale Moon", the Magical Circus with the Longest History in Cray

The best trick-performing group of planet Cray---the magical circus "Pale Moon". A veteran elf of the group claimed that "we have histories beyond millenia", but since "Dark Zone" had little interest in the past, there was no official record to prove the claim. According to spoken lores, "Pale Moon" started as a mere assassination group, and the business of circus was nothing more than its cover, only performed stealthily. Nonetheless, as the group traveled around the world for assassinating important people, their popularity has grown gradually, and has become "the best circus of Cray". Thousands of years have passed, and now they pay more attention to the circus business, and members had changed a lot. That said, the assassination business has not been abolished completely, and there are two different kinds of teams. Some teams focusing on performances, like the "Silver Thorn" led by the Millenium Elf "Luquier", while others focus on assassination, of which members have combat-specialised psychic abilities. Now, "Pale Moon" is more seen on the public stage and display brilliant performances. The group is shrouded in many mysteries, and their combat strength is the most concerned part. The ostensible records of their battles are deleted by someone, and their full combat strength is a total unknown. One theory states that the members of "Pale Moon" are scattered in all places of Cray, and rumours tell that they can destroy a nation from within if they have the intention.


Pale Moon's playstyle primarily focuses on calling rear-guards from the soul.

Known/Notable Fighters



The Pale Moon Circus is based around real world circuses and theatrical productions. Many units take after performing roles, such as animal tamers, jugglers, sentient props, and even beasts themselves. Many units have European names, especially from languages of Anglo-Saxon and Slavic origin. The Circus itself is a front, as many units are also well-versed assassins. Their props during the show, and even their beasts, are also used for assassinations, which is why their props seem comically dangerous, and the beasts they train can range from normal animals such as tigers and bears, to mythical beasts such as chimeras and dragons.

As in real world performances, there are different groups that specialize in different acts. The Beast Tamers, as the name implies, are renowned for their prowess in taming beasts, both normal and mythical, and wear costumes inspired by colors and gemstones.

The Silver Thorns, led by Luquier, are the Circus' most famous troupe, and wear silver jewelry or wield silver weaponry decorated with thorns. Their act itself is special, as they are masters of many different performance crafts.

The Nightmare Dolls are giant, automated puppets infused with the souls of the Circus' assassination targets. They act as props or as part of the acts of others, and are known to give many an audience member horrible nightmares.


Name Type Description
Abyss Dragon Shared
Chimera Shared
Dark Elf Unique
Demon Shared
Dinodragon Shared
Elf Shared
Giant Shared
Gillman Shared
Goblin Shared
Human Shared
Ogre Shared
Succubus Shared
Warbeast Shared
Winged Dragon Shared
Workeroid Shared


Name Type Description
Beast Tamer Sub-clan Performers who raise and train different beasts for different performances.
Harri Archetype
Luquier Archetype
Nightmare Dolls Sub-clan
Silver Thorn Sub-clan

Sets containing Pale Moon cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion 18
Booster Set 5: Awakening of Twin Blades 4
Booster Set 7: Rampage of the Beast King 23
Booster Set 9: Clash of the Knights & Dragons 6
Booster Set 12: Binding Force of the Black Rings 22
Booster Set 15: Infinite Rebirth 7
G Booster Set 5: Moonlit Dragonfang 24
G Booster Set 6: Transcension of Blade and Blossom 10
G Booster Set 8: Absolute Judgment 12

Extra Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol. 1 6
G Character Booster 3: Rummy Labyrinth Under the Moonlight 30

Decks and Starter Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
G Trial Deck 7: Illusionist of the Crescent Moon 19
G Starter Set: Illusionist of the Crescent Moon 22

Extra Collection

Set Name No. of Cards
Fighters Collection 2014 1
Fighters Collection 2015 2
Fighters Collection 2015 Winter 2
Fighters Collection 2016 2
Revival Collection Vol. 1 3
Fighters Collection 2017 3
Revival Collection Vol. 2 3
Special Series 01: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2019 2
Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020 2

List of Pale Moon cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Amethyst Beast Tamer Elf Trigger unit (Stand)
Candy Clown Demon Trigger unit (Heal)
Cat Knight in High Boots High Beast
Convert Bunny Warbeast Trigger unit (Critical)
Cracker Musician Workeroid Trigger unit (Stand)
Darkside Sword Master Succubus Trigger unit (Critical)
Dreaming Bicorn High Beast
Dynamite Juggler Demon Trigger unit (Critical)
Entertain Messenger Goblin
Exotic Jerker Elf Trigger unit (Critical)
Explode Gentle Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Flyer Flyer Goblin Trigger unit (Draw)
Girl Who Crossed the Gap Elf
Hades Ringmaster Demon
Happiness Collector Warbeast
Hopping Balloon Human Trigger unit (Heal)
Hoop Magician Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Innocent Magician Human
Kitten Juggler Warbeast Trigger unit (Draw)
Lark Pigeon Warbeast
Nightmare Doll, Dory Workeroid Trigger unit (Heal)
Nightmare Doll, Mirabel Workeroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Nightmare Doll, Natalie Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Pamela Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Sydney Workeroid Trigger unit (Draw)
Nightmare Doll, Wendy Workeroid Trigger unit (Critical)
Pleasure Caster Warbeast
Poison Juggler Goblin Trigger unit (Critical)
Popcorn Boy Human Trigger unit (Heal)
Prankster Girl of Mirrorland Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Psycho Magician, Coulthard Human Trigger unit (Heal)
Rainbow Magician Elf Trigger unit (Draw)
Silver Thorn Assistant, Dixie Warbeast Trigger unit (Critical)
Silver Thorn Assistant, Ionela Warbeast
Silver Thorn, Barking Dragon Dinodragon Trigger unit (Critical)
Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Emile Elf
Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Lolotte Warbeast
Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Serge Human Trigger unit (Stand)
Silver Thorn Juggler, Nadia Elf Trigger unit (Heal)
Silver Thorn Marionette, Natasha Workeroid Trigger unit (Draw)
Skyhigh Walker Goblin Trigger unit (Stand)
Smiling Presenter Human
Spiral Master Gillman Trigger unit (Draw)
Surprise Clown Demon Trigger unit (Stand)
Tender Breeder Elf Trigger unit (Heal)
Ticket Collector
Tone of a Journey, Willi High Beast
Vanishment Dracokid Abyss Dragon Trigger unit (Heal)

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Acrobat Bear High Beast
Beginner Juggler Dracokid Abyss Dragon
Brassie Bunny High Beast
Bull's Eye, Mia Warbeast
Cutie Paratrooper Human
Dagger Magician, Etty Human
Dark Metal Bicorn High Beast
Darkside Mirror Master Succubus Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Dreamy Ammonite Chimera
Egg Juggler Human
Elegant Elephant High Beast
Fire Juggler Human
Fire Ring Wyvern Winged Dragon
Hades Hypnotist Demon Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Hoop Master Human Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Immortal Target Demon
Intensely Sweet Clown Goblin
Jumping Glenn Elf
Lovely Companion Warbeast Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Madcap Marionette Workeroid
Magical Partner Elf
Magician of Quantum Mechanics Demon
Masquerade Bunny Warbeast
Midnight Bunny Warbeast
Miracle Tumbler, Lance Human
Moonlight Melody Tamer, Betty Warbeast
Nightmare Doll, Claris Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Juliet Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Leslie Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Liza Workeroid
Novelty Introductor Dark Elf
Obsidian Beast Tamer Elf
Pinky Piggy High Beast
Purple Trapezist Succubus
See-saw Game Winner Goblin
Signal Snake Tamer Elf
Silver Thorn Assistant, Irina Warbeast
Silver Thorn Assistant, Zelma Warbeast
Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Ana Elf
Silver Thorn, Breathing Dragon Winged Dragon
Silver Thorn Clown, Cernay Succubus
Silver Thorn Hypnos, Lydia Human Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Silver Thorn Magician, Colette Human
Silver Thorn Matador, Maddock Elf Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Silver Thorn Puppet Master, Euphemia Warbeast
Skull Juggler Demon
Starting Presenter Demon
Tightrope Tumbler Goblin
Turquoise Beast Tamer Elf
Unicycle Tumbler Human
Water Juggler Gillman Sentinel (Perfect Guard)

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Bad Eater Clown Ogre
Barking Cerberus Chimera
Barking Sky Tiger Chimera
Big League Bear High Beast
Card Dealer, Jacqueline Human
Crescent Moon Juggler Warbeast
Crimson Beast Tamer Elf
Cycling Actor Elf
Dancing Knifedancer Demon
Dancing Princess of the Night Sky Elf
Darkside Princess Human
Daydream Tone, Arny Elf
Drawing Dread Giant
Dreaming Pegasus High Beast
Dreamy Fortress Chimera
Elephant Juggler Giant
Face Magician, Lappin Human
Fire Breeze, Carrie Elf
Flying Hippogriff Chimera
Flying Peryton Chimera
Hellsgate Magician Elf
Hungry Clown Ogre
Intensely Spicy Clown Giant
Jumping Jill Workeroid
Magical Boxtreamer Human
Mirror Demon Demon
Miss Direction Succubus
Nightmare Doll, Gerda Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Ginny Workeroid
Nightmare Doll Master, Brenda Elf
Nitro Juggler Workeroid
Peek-a-boo Workeroid
Redstar Dualhorn Chimera
See-saw Game Loser Giant
Silver Thorn Acrobat, Lucamia Warbeast
Silver Thorn, Acute Dragon Abyss Dragon
Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Maricica Elf
Silver Thorn Magician, Clemens Human
Silver Thorn Marionette, Lilian Workeroid
Silver Thorn, Rising Dragon Abyss Dragon
Silver Thorn, Upright Lion Chimera
Sinhalite Beast Tamer Elf
Star Magician, Elen Human
Stripping Shadow Human
Throwing Bear High Beast
Tightrope Holder Giant

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Artilleryman Human
Barking Dragon Tamer Human
Barking Manticore Chimera
Barking Wyvern Winged Dragon
Beauteous Beast Tamer, Alexis Elf
Breathing Coatl Chimera
Bunny Queen Beast Tamer Elf
Burstlaugh Dragon Winged Dragon
Cracking Beast Tamer Human
Dark Lord of Pale Moon Demon
Dusk Illusionist, Robert Elf
Fire Ring Griffin Chimera
Flying Manticore Chimera
Fullsmile Wyvern Winged Dragon
Golden Beast Tamer Human
Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage Abyss Dragon
Masked Magician, Harri Elf
Masked Phantom, Harri Elf
Master of Giant Flying Knives Giant
Midnight Invader Chimera
Miracle Pop, Eva Elf
Mirage Sword, Judy Elf
Mistress Hurricane Chimera
Mysterious Creator Succubus
Nightmare Doll, Alice Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Amy Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Carroll Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Catherine Workeroid
Nightmare Doll, Chelsea Workeroid
Nightmare Summoner, Raqiel Elf
Praised Evil Tamer, Mireille Human
Silver Thorn Dragon Empress, Venus Luquier Elf
Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier "Яeverse" Elf
Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier Elf
Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier (Stride Bonus) Elf
Silver Thorn, Masher Dragon Abyss Dragon
Starlight Melody Tamer, Farah Warbeast
Sword Magician, Sarah Human

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Ardor Dragon Master, Amanda Elf G unit (Stride)
Carnivorous Megatrick, Prana Human G unit (Stride)
Chainsaw Megatrick, Furnival Human G unit (G guardian)
Crudelis Dragon Master, Janet Elf G unit (Stride)
Curtain Call Announcer, Mephisto Demon G unit (Stride)
Doting Harlequin, Maja Elf G unit (G guardian)
Dragon Masquerade, Harri Elf G unit (Stride)
Dreamiy Axel, Milward Warbeast G unit (Stride)
Fancy Megatrick, Darklord Princess Human G unit (Stride)
Jester Demonic Dragon, Lunatec Dragon Abyss Dragon G unit (Stride)
Jester Demonic Dragon, Wandering Dragon Abyss Dragon G unit (G guardian)
Kinesis Megatrick, Coulthard Human G unit (G guardian)
Masquerade Master, Harri Elf G unit (Stride)
Midair Megatrick, Yvette Succubus G unit (Stride)
Miracle of Luna Square, Clifford Elf G unit (Stride)
Nightmare Doll of the Abyss, Beatrix Workeroid G unit (Stride)
Nightmare Doll of the Abyss, Eleanore Workeroid G unit (Stride)
Parallel Megatrick, Fairfield Human G unit (Stride)
Scream Dragon Master, Droll Kimberly Elf G unit (Stride)
Silver Thorn Dragon Master, Mystique Luquier Elf G unit (Stride)
Silver Thorn Dragon Master, Venus Luquier Elf G unit (Stride)


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