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"Pale Moon" (ペイルムーン Peiru Mūn) is a clan from the nation of Co dark Dark Zone. The clan is themed around a magical circus troupe that, behind the scenes, specializes in assassination.


Pale Moon's main theme is "performing magic tricks" in the form of superior calling cards from the Soul. During the Battle Phase, the clan swap a rear-guard that already attacked with a card from the soul to do additional attacks.

Fight Skins


Asaka Narumi


Asaka Narumi



Name Type Description
Chimera Shared
Elf Shared
Workeroid Shared Mechanical lifeforms specialized for undertaking tasks.


Name Type Description
Nightmare Dolls Sub-clan

List of Pale Moon Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Girl Who Crossed the Gap Girl Who Crossed the Gap Elf
Hades Ringmaster Hades Ringmaster Demon
Innocent Magician Innocent Magician Human
Smiling Presenter Smiling Presenter Human

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Bull's Eye, Mia Bull's Eye, Mia Warbeast
Dark Metal Bicorn Dark Metal Bicorn High Beast
Dreamy Ammonite Dreamy Ammonite Chimera
Fire Juggler Fire Juggler Human
Hades Hypnotist Hades Hypnotist Elf Perfect Guard
Jumping Glenn Jumping Glenn Elf
Madcap Marionette Madcap Marionette Workeroid
Magical Partner Magical Partner Elf
Magician of Quantum Mechanics Magician of Quantum Mechanics Demon
Midnight Bunny Midnight Bunny Warbeast
Pinky Piggy Pinky Piggy High Beast
Purple Trapezist Purple Trapezist Succubus
See-saw Game Winner See-saw Game Winner Goblin
Skull Juggler Skull Juggler Demon
Starting Presenter Starting Presenter Demon
Turquoise Beast Tamer Turquoise Beast Tamer Elf

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Barking Cerberus Barking Cerberus Chimera
Crimson Beast Tamer Crimson Beast Tamer Elf
Cycling Actor Cycling Actor Elf
Dancing Princess of the Night Sky Dancing Princess of the Night Sky Elf
Drawing Dread Drawing Dread Giant
Dreamy Fortress Dreamy Fortress Chimera
Elephant Juggler Elephant Juggler Giant
Fire Breeze, Carrie Fire Breeze, Carrie Elf
Hungry Clown Hungry Clown Ogre
Jumping Jill Jumping Jill Workeroid
Mirror Demon Mirror Demon Demon
Nitro Juggler Nitro Juggler Workeroid
See-saw Game Loser See-saw Game Loser Giant

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Barking Manticore Barking Manticore Chimera Trigger unit
Barking Wyvern Barking Wyvern Winged Dragon Trigger unit
Dark Lord of Pale Moon Dark Lord of Pale Moon Demon Trigger unit
Dusk Illusionist, Robert Dusk Illusionist, Robert Elf Trigger unit
Golden Beast Tamer Golden Beast Tamer Human Trigger unit
Midnight Invader Midnight Invader Chimera Trigger unit
Mistress Hurricane Mistress Hurricane Chimera Trigger unit
Nightmare Doll, Alice Nightmare Doll, Alice Workeroid Trigger unit
Nightmare Doll, Amy Nightmare Doll, Amy Workeroid Trigger unit
Nightmare Summoner, Raqiel Nightmare Summoner, Raqiel Elf Trigger unit
Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier Elf Trigger unit
Starlight Melody Tamer, Farah Starlight Melody Tamer, Farah Warbeast Trigger unit
Sword Magician, Sarah Sword Magician, Sarah Human Trigger unit

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