"Parallels Critical Trigger Pack" is a pack of Promo Cards released only in Japanese format.


  • Includes a critical trigger unit from each of the 25 clans (※excluding Etranger and Touken Ranbu).
  • All cards are reprints in RR rarity.
  • Each pack includes 1 random card.

Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
PR/0452 Jewel Knight, Noble Stinger 0 Royal Paladin Critical RR
PR/0453 Battle Sister, Ginger 0 Oracle Think Tank Critical RR
PR/0454 Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza 0 Angel Feather Critical RR
PR/0455 Revenger, Air Raid Dragon 0 Shadow Paladin Critical RR
PR/0456 Liberator of Hope, Epona 0 Gold Paladin Critical RR
PR/0457 Regalia of Far-sight, Clear Angel 0 Genesis Critical RR
PR/0458 Seal Dragon, Biella 0 Kagero Critical RR
PR/0459 Stealth Beast, Tobihiko 0 Nubatama Critical RR
PR/0460 Ancient Dragon Flame Maiden 0 Tachikaze Critical RR
PR/0461 Fox Tamer, Izuna 0 Murakumo Critical RR
PR/0462 Eradicator, Yellow Gem Carbuncle 0 Narukami Critical RR
PR/0463 Minimum Raizer 0 Nova Grappler Critical RR
PR/0464 Dimensional Robo, Daiwolf 0 Dimension Police Critical RR
PR/0465 Star-vader, Weiss Soldat 0 Link Joker Critical RR
PR/0466 Sonic Breaker 0 Spike Brothers Critical RR
PR/0467 Amon's Follower, Cruel Hand 0 Dark Irregulars Critical RR
PR/0468 Silver Thorn, Barking Dragon 0 Pale Moon Critical RR
PR/0469 Steam Scara, Ka-lanma 0 Gear Chronicle Critical RR
PR/0470 Jimmy the Ghostie 0 Granblue Critical RR
PR/0471 (B/W) Duo Pride Crown, Madeira 0 Bermuda Triangle Critical RR
PR/0472 Blue Storm Soldier, Missile Trooper 0 Aqua Force Critical RR
PR/0473 Machining Scorpion 0 Megacolony Critical RR
PR/0474 Holder Hedgehog 0 Great Nature Critical RR
PR/0475 Night Queen Musketeer, Daniel 0 Neo Nectar Critical RR
PR/0476 Thunder Elemental, Gororo 0 Cray Elemental Critical RR
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