"Parallels Stand And Draw Trigger Pack" is a pack of Promo Cards released only in Japanese format.


  • Includes a stand and a draw trigger unit from each of the 24 clans (※excluding Cray Elemental, Etranger and Touken Ranbu).
  • All cards are reprints in RR rarity.
  • Each pack includes two cards, which are a stand and a draw trigger unit from the same clan.

Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
PR/0527 Margal 0 Royal Paladin Draw RR
PR/0528 Sarugal 0 Royal Paladin Stand RR
PR/0529 Battle Sister, Tiramisu 0 Oracle Think Tank Draw RR
PR/0530 Bell-ringing Miko, Ouka 0 Oracle Think Tank Stand RR
PR/0531 Fever Therapy Nurse 0 Angel Feather Draw RR
PR/0532 Surgery Angel 0 Angel Feather Stand RR
PR/0533 Howl Owl 0 Shadow Paladin Draw RR
PR/0534 Mage of the Rogue Eye, Arsur 0 Shadow Paladin Stand RR
PR/0535 Falcon Knight of the Azure 0 Gold Paladin Draw RR
PR/0536 Player of the Holy Pipe, Gerrie 0 Gold Paladin Stand RR
PR/0537 Regalia of Foredoom, Lot Angel 0 Genesis Draw RR
PR/0538 Goddess of Sound Sleep, Tahro 0 Genesis Stand RR
PR/0539 Gattling Claw Dragon 0 Kagero Draw RR
PR/0540 Inspire Yell Dragon 0 Kagero Stand RR
PR/0541 Stealth Fiend, Warashibehime 0 Nubatama Draw RR
PR/0542 Stealth Dragon, Onibidoushi 0 Nubatama Stand RR
PR/0543 Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo 0 Tachikaze Draw RR
PR/0544 Coelamagnum 0 Tachikaze Stand RR
PR/0545 Stealth Fiend, Rokuro Lady 0 Murakumo Draw RR
PR/0546 Stealth Dragon, Hiden Scroll 0 Murakumo Stand RR
PR/0547 Eradicator, Blue Gem Carbuncle 0 Narukami Draw RR
PR/0548 Dragon Dancer, Vianne 0 Narukami Stand RR
PR/0549 Beast Deity, Van Paurus 0 Nova Grappler Draw RR
PR/0550 Energy Girl 0 Nova Grappler Stand RR
PR/0551 Dimensional Robo, Daicrane 0 Dimension Police Draw RR
PR/0552 Operator Girl, Linka 0 Dimension Police Stand RR
PR/0553 Beloved Child of Superstring Theory 0 Link Joker Draw RR
PR/0554 Shockwave Star-vader, Dysprosium 0 Link Joker Stand RR
PR/0555 Cheer Girl, Pauline 0 Spike Brothers Draw RR
PR/0556 Devil Watch 0 Spike Brothers Stand RR
PR/0557 Hysteric Shirley 0 Dark Irregulars Draw RR
PR/0558 Monochrome of Nightmareland 0 Dark Irregulars Stand RR
PR/0559 Rainbow Magician 0 Pale Moon Draw RR
PR/0560 Prankster Girl of Mirrorland 0 Pale Moon Stand RR
PR/0561 Luckypot Dracokid 0 Gear Chronicle Draw RR
PR/0562 Steam Battler, Ur-Watar 0 Gear Chronicle Stand RR
PR/0563 Gunshot of Sorrow, Nightflare 0 Granblue Draw RR
PR/0564 Mick the Ghostie and Family 0 Granblue Stand RR
PR/0565 Heartful Ale, Fundy 0 Bermuda Triangle Draw RR
PR/0566 Jump on the Water! Amelie 0 Bermuda Triangle Stand RR
PR/0567 Battle Siren, Mallika 0 Aqua Force Draw RR
PR/0568 Dolphin Soldier of Leaping Windy Seas 0 Aqua Force Stand RR
PR/0569 Ingot Chafer 0 Megacolony Draw RR
PR/0570 Earth Dreamer 0 Megacolony Stand RR
PR/0571 Castanet Donkey 0 Great Nature Draw RR
PR/0572 Watering Elephant 0 Great Nature Stand RR
PR/0573 Lotus Musketeer, Liana 0 Neo Nectar Draw RR
PR/0574 Maiden of Daybreak 0 Neo Nectar Stand RR
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