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Flash Shield, Iseult (CFZE)

Flash Shield, Iseult

Perfect Guard (かんぜんガード Kanzen Gādo) is a keyword ability in Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO, exclusive to cards that are used to prevent the player from losing the fight, as long as the activation conditions are met. Perfect Guards also have Sentinel CFZIconSentinel, which means you can only have up to four of those cards in your deck, even if they have different names.

How it Works

When your vanguard is attacked by an attack that would hit, if there is a Perfect Guard in your hand and one of the following conditions are met after performing the drive check, the Perfect Guard will activate automatically:

  • The attack would deal you the last damage you would need to lose.
  • The attacking unit has two or more [Critical] Critical icon, and the attack would cause your damage to become one away from losing.

If the Perfect Guard activates, the attack aimed at your vanguard will not hit, and no damage will be dealt, regardless of the [Power] Power icon or [Critical] Critical icon of the attacking unit. A special animation will play to indicate this. After resolving its effect, the Perfect Guard is put into the drop zone.

List of Cards

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List of Anti-Support

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