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{{CardTab|card=Phantom Blaster Overlord|v=1|z=1}}
|name = Phantom Blaster Overlord
|kana = ファントム・ブラスター・オーバーロード
|phonetic = Fantomu Burasutā Ōbārōdo
|thname = แฟนธ่อม บลาสเตอร์ โอเวอร์ลอร์ด
|itname = Sovrano Fantasma Blaster
|enimage =
|jpimage = Phantom Blaster Overlord (CFZ).png
|artist = NINNIN
|grade = 3
|power = 11000
|clan = Shadow Paladin
|race = Abyss Dragon
|series = CFZero
|effect = ['''[[Cross Ride]]''']:{{0Link|Phantom Blaster Dragon}}<br>(VC):When it attacks a vanguard, <nowiki>[</nowiki>[[Persona Blast]]<nowiki>]</nowiki>, [Power]+10000/[Critical]+1 until end of turn.<br>(VC):Counter Blast (2) & [retire a rear-guard] to retire one of your opponent's rear-guards.

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Original V Series ZERO

Phantom Blaster Overlord
Phantom Blaster Overlord (CFZ)
Name Phantom Blaster Overlord
Kana ファントム・ブラスター・オーバーロード
Phonetic Fantomu Burasutā Ōbārōdo
Thai แฟนธ่อม บลาสเตอร์ โอเวอร์ลอร์ด
Italian Sovrano Fantasma Blaster
Grade / Skill Grade 3 / Sk twindrive Twin Drive!!
Power Power icon 11000
Critical Critical icon 1
Nation Co united United Sanctuary
Clan Shadow Paladin
Race Abyss Dragon
Format Zero-icon Vanguard ZERO
Card Effect(s)
[Cross Ride]:Phantom Blaster Dragon
(VC):When it attacks a vanguard, [Persona Blast], [Power]+10000/[Critical]+1 until end of turn.
(VC):Counter Blast (2) & [retire a rear-guard] to retire one of your opponent's rear-guards.
Tournament Status
EN Unrestricted
JP Unrestricted
KR Unrestricted
TH Unrestricted
IT Unrestricted
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