Progenitor Dragon of Total Purity, Agnos

"Progenitor Dragons" (げんしょうりゅう Genshōryū) are a series of cards with "Progenitor Dragon" in their card names, and introduced in V Special Series 01: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2019. Each Progenitor Dragon is a G unit that represents one of the six nations, rather than a clan.


The cost for each of the Progenitor Dragons' Stride abilities differ from standard Stride, as they require the player to discard a card with the same name as a card on their vanguard circle. In addition, each of the Progenitor Dragons have abilities that prevent them from being turned face up while in the G zone, as well as allowing the player to Stride any G unit, including another Progenitor Dragon, without paying the cost while at least one is face up in the G zone.

List of "Progenitor Dragon" Cards

Card Name Clan Race Type
Progenitor Dragon of Total Purity, Agnos United Sanctuary Cosmo Dragon G Unit
Progenitor Dragon of Lightning Flame, Gilgal Dragon Empire Flame Dragon G Unit
Progenitor Dragon of Horizon Limit, Origorem Star Gate Space Dragon G Unit
Progenitor Dragon of Gloomy Dark, Formido Dark Zone Abyss Dragon G Unit
Progenitor Dragon of Deep Sea, Balanerena Magallanica Tear Dragon G Unit
Progenitor Dragon of Regal Birth, Megaloma Zoo Forest Dragon G Unit


  • The title naming theme is based off of common elements throughout fiction, similar to the Cray Elementals.
  • They are also known as the "Messiah Dragons" (or other similar monikers) throughout the community, and seen as the "good" counterparts to the Zeroth Dragons.
    • Like the Zeroth Dragons, the Progenitor Dragons have a crest somewhere on or around them. This crest closely resembles that of Harmonics Messiah (hence the nickname "Messiah Dragons"). They also share a Stride cost (requiring the cost to be paid by discarding a card with the same card name as one of your vanguards).
    • However, unlike the Zeroth Dragons, "Progenitor Dragon" is simply a card title, and not a race or archetype. Each Progenitor Dragon has a race that coincides with the nation they represent.
  • Coincidentally, the Japanese name starts with G, resembling G units, and along with Ryū, also resembles the rarity GR.

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