Rampant Thundering Wyvern
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Name Rampant Thundering Wyvern
Kanji 轟雷跋扈のワイバーン
Kana こうらいばっこのワイバーン
Phonetic Kōraibakko no Waibān
Grade / Skill Grade 2 / Sk intercept.gif Intercept
Power Power icon.png 9000
Critical Critical icon.png 1
Shield Shield icon.png 5000
Nation Co dragon.gif Dragon Empire
Clan Narukami
Race Winged Dragon
Format V-icon.png Standard / Premium Standard
Illust Studio Porta Co.,Ltd. Mr.Patarapon Huayhongthong‎
Card Set(s)
Card Flavor(s)
To lose one's refuge is to be right next to death.
Card Effect(s)
[AUTO](RC):When placed, choose up to one of your opponent's rear-guards, and move it to an open (RC) in the same column as that unit. If you did not choose, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.
Tournament Status
EN Unrestricted
JP Unrestricted
KR Unrestricted
TH Unrestricted
IT Unrestricted
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