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Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha (V Series)

"Ranunculus" (ラナンキュラス Ranankyurasu), also known as "Ahsha" (アーシャ Āsha), is a set of Bioroid cards with "Ranunculus" in its card name exclusive to the Neo Nectar clan, introduced in G Trial Deck 3: Flower Maiden of Purity.

This archetype was originally named after princess Ahsha's flower core. Starting from V Trial Deck 12: Ahsha, the archetype changed to "Ahsha". This change, however, does not affect the support prior to it, as there are currently no cards whose name include "Ranunculus" while also not including "Ahsha".


The name refers to Ranunculus, a genus of about 500 species of plants in the Ranunculaceae. Members of the genus include the buttercups, spearworts and water crowfoots.

List of "Ranunculus" Cards

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha (V Series) Bioroid Force
Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha Bioroid
Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha (V Series) Bioroid Force
Ranunculus of Phantasmic Blue, Ahsha Bioroid
Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha Bioroid

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha Bioroid
Ranunculus in Glorious Bloom, Ahsha Bioroid

List of Support Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Ahsha's Flower Fairy Token Plant
Flower Garden Maiden, Mylis Bioroid Trigger (Critical)
Peach Orchard Maiden, Elmy Sylph

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Early-flowering Maiden, Pia Bioroid
Faith Maiden, Odette Bioroid
Flower Keeper Dragon Forest Dragon
Prosperity Maiden, Diane Bioroid
Pure Maiden, Katrina Sylph
Seeding Maiden, Tierney Bioroid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Sprinkling Water Maiden, Starsha Bioroid
Valkyrie of Reclamation, Padmini Bioroid

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Collective Blooming Maiden, Kera Bioroid
Flower Chamber Maiden, Salianna Bioroid
Ideal Maiden, Thuria Sylph
Osmanthus Maiden, Anelma Bioroid
Plumeria Flower Maiden, Sharl Bioroid
Sunshine Maiden, Paula Bioroid
Tenacious Maiden, Noel Bioroid

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Passiflora Flower Princess, Marleena Bioroid G unit (G guardian)


  • Although the archetype is named Ranunculus, Ahsha's design most likely represents the species Ranunculus asiaticus, also known as Persian buttercup, Persian crowfoot and Asian buttercup.