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Rekka Tatsunagi (立凪 レッカ Tatsunagi Rekka) is a character in Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime. She is a member of Team Ultra-Rare and the younger sister of Kourin Tatsunagi and Suiko Tatsunagi who helps them run the cardshop PSY.


Unlike her sisters, Rekka is a quite bubbly girl who is often watching from the sidelines when there is a cardfight going on in the PSY shop. She is straight forward with her answers like when she fought against Misaki Tokura she told her straight out that things have changed since Misaki and her team won the tournament. Quite pridefully and skilled in cardfight, she was able to win against Misaki and suggested to Misaki to change her deck. She is quite accepting when it comes to losing a cardfight acknowledging their strength. She also tends to have very cutesy verbal tics when riding like  "Super Cute Ride" or "Love Love Ride", something that ends up passing on to Mai Tobita and Emi Sendou to smaller extents.

In Season 3, she is shown to be on par with Aichi Sendou in cardfight.


Season 2

Rekka appears in Episode 69 and battles Misaki Tokura, using an Angel Feather Deck. Then, she, along with the rest of Team Ultra-Rare, went to the VF Circuit. Misaki battles her again and this time Misaki managed to get the victory.

Season 3

Rekka has enrolled at Emi Sendou and Mai Tobita's School who is a member of their Cardfight Club. At first, Rekka had a hard time fitting in, especially because of her status as an Idol. But then she was approached by Emi and Mai who wanted Rekka to join them in creating a Cardfight Club since Emi knew Rekka through Aichi and knew Rekka was a strong Cardfighter too and thus became friends with the both of them.

As of Episode 142, it is shown she has been Reversed. She then kidnaps Emi and Mai but doesn't Reverse them right off so to use as bait against Kamui and later intends to use them for Aichi. Cardfighters Rekka reverses turns them into obsessed fanboys willing to do whatever for her also stating that she has no friends when entering the school and that she has no need for friends shocking Emi, Mai and Kamui. But through the cardfight, they realize that Rekka only kidnapped them in order to protect the two and that since coming to Miyaji, Emi and Mai became her closest friends starting with the establishment of their cardfight club. After Kamui defeats her, Rekka returns to normal.


  • Rekka's surname Tatsunagi means "standing" (立) (tatsu) and "calm, lull" (凪) (nagi).
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