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Rekka Tatsunagi is a recurring character in Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime), and a tertiary antagonist during the second arc. She is a member of the pop idol group Ultra-Rare, and was sent to attend Fukuhara Middle School to spy on powerful cardfighters. She was forced into becoming a PSYqualia Zombie, and is the one responsible for turning Kyou Yahagi and Shingo Komoi into Zombies. She is later freed by Ren Suzugamori. Due to her being a Called Walker, she will be erased from everyone's memories.


She likes being a pop idol, and frequently wants things to go her way. After losing to Ren Suzugamori, she toys with him and Tetsu Shinjou, taking them shopping as a detour before taking them to their destination of the Tatsunagi Foundation.


Rekka has blue eyes, is the shortest member of Ultra Rare, and has her hair tied in large, curling twintails. She is mostly scene wearing her Ultra-Rare uniform, but wears the Fukuhara High School while going to school.

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