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Restraint (こうそく Kōsoku) is a keyword introduced in Booster Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights.

How it Works

A unit with the "Restraint" ability cannot attack while it is on its specified circle. However, it may be removed temporarily by paying a cost, or fulfilling certain requirement.

This keyword is generally found on units with a power exceeding the normal level for their grade (for example, a grade 2 unit with "Restraint" may have 11000 power), to balance them out with other units of the same grade.

List of Cards

Can be Removed

Dark Irregulars



  • Genie Soldat (When an opponent's rear-guard is put into the drop zone during your main phase)


Nova Grappler

Oracle Think Tank

Pale Moon

The Mask Collection

Cannot be Removed Easily



The Mask Collection


  • It was strictly the first keyword ability to be released.
  • In the anime, the action to remove it is known as "Restraint Release" (こうかいじょ Kōsoku Kaijo).

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