Reverse is a phenomenon created by Void, in which a cardfighter loses his/her soul, and his/her energy becomes Void's. If a Reverse fighter challenges a cardfighter to a cardfight and they win, the cardfighter whom lost will also become Reversed, however based on Takuto's statement, it seems that Reverse fighters are only challenging strong cardfighters in order to gain strength in quality, though judging from what is shown, sheer numbers are also boasted.

Reverse fighters become malicious and obsessed with something their normal selves wanted but in much more extremes, for example, Kai's search for strength, Koutei's desire to become an emperor or Asaka's obsession with Ren. They also carry a special series of cards called "Reverse"; or in Kai and Suiko's case, instead they use the Link Joker clan. In addition, due to their personality change, their attitude in cardfights also change as they are stated to be much stronger than before. If they lose, they are returned to normal, the "Reverse" card will disappear to inexistence and they will have no memory of what happened while they were reversed and, more importantly, who reversed them to begin with thus non-reversed characters have very little to go on when looking for clues. In a very rare occasion, they will retain core personality traits relating to their natural selves such as when Kourin, after seeing Aichi's determination, stopped her cardfight with him before attempting to finish him off.

After Kai returns to Japan after Reversing most of the world at this point, Reverse Takuto revealed that cardfighters that become reversed become soldiers of the Link Joker clan. As these numbers grow, so do the strength of Link Joker eventually causing black rings to appear in concentrated areas of Reverse cardfighters growing more as more individuals in that area become Reversed. Eventually, these black rings will grow to a point where it will eventually surround the Earth and engulf the world in darkness.

Known "Reverse" Fighters

Brackets marked Reversed Fighters that have been reverted to normal (defeated) and the Fighter(s) responsible for it, Similarly, Reversed Fighters are marked with (reversed) by the Fighters responsible for turning them to Reverse Fighters as well. All information are based on available footage from the anime series to date. This does not count the numerous unnamed fighters that have been Reversed and thus this list only applies to important minor and major characters.

  • Future Leon (defeated by the present Leon)
  • Hitsue Middle School
    • Eiji Saga (reversed by Rekka Corp Member, defeated)
    • Reiji Uno (reversed by Rekka Corp Member, defeated)
    • Kamui Katsuragi (reversed by Kourin Tatsunagi, defeated by Aichi Sendou)
  • Miyaji High School
  • Miyaji Middle School Cardfight Club
  • Miyaji High School Student Committee
  • Team SIT Genius
    • Christopher Lo (reversed by Kenji Mitsusada, defeated by Kenji Mitsusada/Leon Soryu)
    • Lee Shenlon (reversed by Kenji Mitsusada, defeated by Kenji Mitsusada/Leon Soryu)
    • Pajeel Ali (reversed by Kenji Mitsusada, defeated by Kenji Mitsusada/Leon Soryu)
  • Underground Fighters
    • Jun Mutsuki (reversed by Taishi Miwa, defeated by Taishi Miwa)
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