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Ride Deck (ライドデッキ Raidodekki), also known as Guaranteed Ride (かくていライド Kakutei Raido), is a deck construction separate from the main deck, which helps the player to always be able to ride their vanguard to the next grade.

This construction can only be used under D-icon Standard and Italian rules, replacing G Assist as a whole. The ride deck must have a different sleeve from that used for the main deck, but the cards can have a different sleeve each.

How it Works[]

Ride deck storage area on game mat

The ride deck is placed to the side of the main deck.

  • A ride deck must contain a total of five cards, one unit card each grade from 0-1-2-3, and one Ride Deck Crest.
  • At the beginning of the game, put all of the necessary cards to assemble as your ride deck face down as a separate pile to the side with the Ride Deck Crest face-up.
  • Cards in the ride deck counts toward the 4-card limit and trigger limits. If a copy of a card is used in Ride Deck, there can be up to three more copies of that card in the main deck.
  • The Ride Deck does not count towards the 50-card Main Deck. Regardless of the number of cards in Ride Deck, the Main Deck must have 50 cards

Alternative Constructions[]

  • A total of six cards can be added instead, made up of one "Griphosid", one Calamity card of each grade from 1-2-3, one Over trigger, and one Ride Deck Crest.
  • A total of six cards can be added instead, made up of one unit card of each grade from 0-1-2, a unit card of any grade without "Kiwame" in its card name, one "Training Equipment" which will start face up, and one Ride Deck Crest.
  • One "Gacha Redora" can be added as a sixth card if the deck's nation is Monster Strike.

Using the Ride Deck during the game[]

  • You must use a grade 0 unit card from your ride deck as your first vanguard.
  • When you could normal ride during your ride phase, you can perform the following action instead of normal riding from the hand.
    • Choose a card from your hand, and discard it. If you do, choose a face down card from your ride deck with one grade greater than your vanguard, reveal it, and ride it as [Stand]. This is regarded as a normal ride.
  • When a card that started in the ride deck would be returned to the main deck, put it back to the ride deck face up.
    • If such cards would be put in other zones, they are put there as normal.


  • Certain specifications can be added to the Deck Regulations regarding the content of the ride deck. This is done to make sure that the players are using the proper cards in their ride decks in official tournaments.
  • In Premium Format, the Ride Deck zone exists for the purpose of card effects. However, cards are not added to it as part of Deck COnstuction, and no cards are put there at the start of the game.

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