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Ride Deck (ライドデッキ Raidodekki), also known as Guaranteed Ride (かくていライド Kakutei Raido), is a deck construction separate from the main deck, which helps the player to always be able to ride their vanguard to the next grade. This construction can only be used under D-icon.png Standard rules, replacing G Assist as a whole. The ride deck must have a different sleeve from that used for the main deck, but the cards can have a different sleeve each.

How it Works

Ride deck storage area on game mat

The ride deck is placed to the side of the main deck.

  • A ride deck is mandatory to use and contains exactly four cards (a unit card of each grade 0-1-2-3).
    • Before drawing your opening hand, choose four cards from your main deck to assemble as your ride deck, and shuffle your main deck. Then, place the grade 0 from your ride deck face down on your (VC) as your first vanguard. The remaining cards are placed face down to the side as a separate pile.
    • The cards you use in your ride deck count as part of the 50 cards of the main deck.
  • During your ride phase, you may either normal ride a card from your hand OR discard a card from your hand. If you discarded, take a card from your ride deck with 1 grade greater than your vanguard's grade, and normal ride that card.
  • If a card that started in the ride deck would be returned to the main deck, that card returns to the ride deck face up instead. For other zones, they are placed there as normal.
  • If a player's deck contains Gacha Redora, they may add it to the ride deck bringing the total amount of cards to 5.

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