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Rive Shindou is the father of Chrono Shindou, elder brother of Mikuru Shindou and husband to Tokimi Shindou. He's also one of the co-founders of FIVA and helped Ryuzu Myoujin bring Gear Chronicle to Earth.


In current times, Rive is most often seen wearing a desert cloak covering up his identity. He has the same green-colored irises like his son, and has a scar on his nose.


Rive, Shin Nitta and Mark Whiting once formed a Vanguard team. Ten years before the events of Cardfight!! Vanguard G, Rive along with his best friend Ryuzu Myoujin were investigating the connection between Earth and Cray. The research eventually led to summoning Chrono Dran, however Rive soon found out that Ryuzu's goal was to sacrifice Planet Cray in order to turn Earth into a perfect world.

Rive then overloaded the portal generator, stole three Depend Cards, and took Chrono Dran and Chrono with him. As he left, he somehow made Chrono forget everything that happened that day and went into hiding to keep Ryuzu away from the Depend Cards and Chrono Dran. After his disappearance Chrono was taken to an orphanage and Mikuru Shindou developed a resentment towards Vanguard. He was allegedly mistaken as deceased (with the accusation on Ryuzu as the one who presumably killed him) by both Mikuru and Chrono. Rive sacrificed some of his lifespan to sustain Chrono Dran's life, eventually leaving him immobilized.

While travelling between the events of Cardfight!! Vanguard Movie: Neon Messiah and G, Kouji Ibuki encountered Rive. After a Cardfight he told Ibuki about the Depend Cards and Ryuzu's goal. He also entrusted him with the Gear Chronicle clan, as well as the mission of stopping Ryuzu's ambition. Additionally, he instructed Ibuki to one day give Chrono the Gear Chronicle deck and the Depend Cards but also to keep secret that he's still alive so his family won't be involved in the conflict.

After Chrono's third fight with Ibuki, he succeeded in creating Chrono Dran's card from a blank Depend Card. When Rive noticed this, he sent Chrono Dran to meet Chrono. During the first fight between Ryuzu and Chrono, Ryuzu told Chrono that Rive was alive, surprising Chrono.

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