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Royal Paladin Emblem

"Royal Paladin" (ロイヤルパラディン Roiyaru Paradin) is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation, which has Imaginary Gift Force, and is one of the first two clans in the game. The clan is themed around knights, dragons, wizards, and animals, among others, with a focus around several folktales like Arthurian Legends. It is the first regular army of the holy nation.


Royal Paladins are a well-rounded clan that focuses on having a field of powerful rearguards. They can quickly amass a full field of units while at the same time mitigating the loss of hand advantage through either drawing cards when calling rearguards, return rested rearguards to the hand or superior calling or riding specific units from the deck or soul. Their units reward players for having many or specific units present on the field or soul, usually in the form of increased power or extra skills, also some units can get power, extra skills or alternative cost if you have all the cards of your damage zone face down or when a unit is called or ridden upon.

Royal Paladin has the Force Imaginary Gift, which they can use to further boost the power of their ranks or to capitalize your opponent by adding more criticals.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Angel Shared
Cosmo Dragon Shared Dragons with powers of light.
Elf Shared Humanoid creatures with great intelligence.
Giant Shared Massive humanoids who study literature and exhibit great physical might.
High Beast Shared Hyperintelligent animals.
Human Shared Ordinary people who wield armaments to fight.
Salamander Shared
Sylph Shared Tiny magical humanoids.


Name Type Description
Alfred Archetype
Altmile Archetype
Arc Saver Archetype
Blasters Archetype
Blaster Blade Archetype The legendary white swordsman.
Saver Archetype

Sets Containing Royal Paladin Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Booster Set 01: Unite! Team Q4 17
V Mini Booster 01: PSYqualia Strife 18
V Booster Set 03: Miyaji Academy Cardfight Club 13
V Extra Booster 06: Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction 10
V Booster Set 05: Aerial Steed Liberation 21
V Extra Booster 14: The Next Stage 21

Trial and Start Decks

Set Name No. of Cards
V Start Deck 01: 2018 Free Experience Deck "Royal Paladin" 14
V Trial Deck 01: Aichi Sendou 15
Special Series 02: Start Deck Blaster Blade 16
V Trial Deck 11: Altmile 16
Special Series 06: Special Deck Set Majesty Lord Blaster 14

Extra Collections

Set Name No. of Cards
Special Series 05: Festival Collection 5
Special Series 08: DAIGO Special Expansion Set V 4
Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 7
V Special Series 01: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.1 7
V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 7

List of Royal Paladin Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Barcgal High Beast
Bringer of Court's Favor, Relgla Sylph Draw Trigger
Bringer of Dreams, Belenus Sylph Critical Trigger/Sentinel
Bringer of Good Luck, Epona Sylph Critical Trigger
Flash Shield, Iseult Human Draw Trigger/Sentinel
Flogal High Beast Critical Trigger
Future Knight, Llew Human Critical Trigger
Giro High Beast
Glyme High Beast
Healing Pegasus High Beast Heal Trigger
Margal High Beast Draw Trigger
Shining Knight, Millius Human
Stardust Trumpeter Angel
Starting Legend, Ambrosius Human
Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine Elf Heal Trigger

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Ablagal High Beast
Aggregate Angel Angel
Auspice Falcon High Beast
Authoritative Knight, Ballizal Human
Blaster Dagger Human
Blaster Javelin Human
Charging Jewel Knight, Morvidus Human
Cloud Lancer, Gmoris Human
Dramatic Composer Elf
Dream Painter Sylph
Engage Griffin High Beast
Flourishing Knight, Edith Human
Fruiting Jewel Knight, Eunice Human
Headwind Knight, Selim Human
Indestructible Knight, Earina Elf Sentinel
Knight of Bright Light, Creoda Human
Knight of Exemplary Sword, Lucius Human
Knight of Exhortation, Cynegils Human
Knight of Friendship, Kay Human
Knight of Going Alone, Harald Human
Knight of Rose, Morgana Human
Knight of Secret Plan, Watt Human
Knight of the Harp, Tristan Human
Knight of Warhammer, Augustus Human
Knight Squire, Allen Human
Knight Squire, Allen Human
Lake Maiden, Lien Elf
Laurel Knight, Sicilus Human
Lion Mane Stallion High Beast
Little Sage, Marron Giant
Lunar Crescent Knight, Felax Human
Melodious Angel Angel
Miru Biru High Beast
Pioneer Knight, Epaticcus Human
Pluck Enchanter Elf
Pongal High Beast
Purebright Unicorn High Beast
Radical Knight, Anil Human
Radical Knight, Anil Human
Refreshing Knight, Gruhil Human
Sage of Guidance, Zenon Giant
Shifttgal High Beast
Smiting Knight, Oslac Human
Snogal High Beast
Soul Guiding Elf Elf
Strong Knight, Rounoria Human Sentinel
Sword of Hope, Richard Human
Torrential Knight, Ecgfrith Human
Wingal High Beast
Wingal High Beast
Wingal Brave High Beast

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Absolute Blade Knight, Livarot Human
Blaster Arrow Human
Blaster Blade Human
Blaster Blade (Anime Promo) Human
Blaster Blade Seeker Human
Blaster Dark Human
Blaster Rapier Human
Clearness Angel Angel
Conjurer of Mithril Human
Counteroffensive Knight, Suleiman Human
Diaconnect Dragon Cosmo Dragon
Dogmatize Jewel Knight, Sybill Giant
Eagle Knight of the Skies Human
Eloquent Knight, Gillick Human
Esperance Arrow Dragon Cosmo Dragon
Espogal High Beast
Explode Jewel Knight, Laile Elf
Funelgal High Beast
Gigantech Pulverizer Giant
Great Sage, Barron Giant
Herculean Knight, Allobrox Human
High Dog Breeder, Akane Human
High Dog Breeder, Seiran Human
Hopesong Angel Angel
Knight of Ambitious Schemes, Degnud Human
Knight of Chivalry, Rabol Human
Knight of Conquest, Wigstan Human
Knight of Determination, Lamorak Elf
Knight of Devotion, Bergius Human
Knight of Dignity, Caratacus Human
Knight of Dual Spears, Corineus Human
Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere Human
Knight of Magnificence, Lucus Human
Knight of Silence, Gallatin Human
Knight of Strenuous Effort, Rodley Human
Knight of Truth, Gordon Human
Light Braver, Seldiora Human
Loading Angel Angel
Rendering Angel Angel
Rising Knight, Belta Human
Rotary Sage, Belk Giant
Sage of Contemplation, Tedun Giant
Sage of Eminent Virtue, Tion Giant
Sage of Salvation, Benon Giant
Sage of the Arts, Jauron Giant
Sage of the Arts, Jauron Giant
Stabbing Knight, Regal Human
Star Call Trumpeter Angel
Starlight Violinist Angel
Undulatory Sage, Tarna Giant
When Light and Darkness Intersects Normal Order

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile Human Force
Aggregate Knight​, Firno Human Force
Aggregate Knight​, Firno Human Force
Alfred Early Human Force
Anabasisheader Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force
Blue Sky Knight, Altmile Human Force
Decorous Knight, Hengist Elf Force
Filled Feather Dragon Cosmo Dragon
Gifted Knight, Emrys Human
Gigantech Charger Giant
Holy Disaster Dragon Cosmo Dragon
Innocent Ray Dragon Cosmo Dragon Heal Guardian
King of Knights, Alfred Human Force
Knight of Heavenly Spears, Agganips Human Force
Knight of Longbow, Malcolm Human Force
Leading Jewel Knight, Salome Elf Force
Majesty Lord Blaster Human Force
Messianic Lord Blaster Human Force
Monarch Sanctuary Alfred Human Force
Pensive Intellectual, Leonard Elf
Powerful Sage, Bairon Giant Force
Pure Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei Elf Force
Sanctuary Guard Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force
Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force
Solitary Knight, Gancelot Elf Force
Soul Saver Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force
Stardrive Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force
Stardrive Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force
Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes Salamander Force
Taintless Feather Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force
Unite Reet Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Arc Saver Dragon Cosmo Dragon Force
Exculpate the Blaster Human Force