O impregnable shield! Grant the flame named victory upon my hand! Perfect Guard! Flare Trooper, Dumjid!

—Saori Fuchidaka, When calling Dumjid to Guardian Circle

Saori Fuchidaka is a character in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT. He was Diffriden by Dumjid.


He is a short kid with fair skin, grey eyes, and red bowlcut-shaped hair with a few long strands of hair, including an ahoge. He wears a black jacket with white fluff at the ends, brown shorts and long black socks with brown snow boots. He also wears a green button-up shirt.


Saori Fuchidaka was your average middle schooler who loved playing Vanguard.  His favorite card was Flare Trooper Dumjid.  His love for this card was so great that when the real Dumjid came to Earth to see what was so special about it, he came to meet Saori who then agreed to allow him to take over his body for a while so he could see what makes humans, and Earth by extension, special.

This would backfire on him however as Dumjid became to hate humans, including his host.  Saori cried out that he's not the same unit that he came to love and respect and didn't want to continue the Diffride, but he ignored Saori and presumably locked him away in the dark recesses of his mind so he could join the Apostles to destroy Earth (it is unknown if Dumjid knew that awaking Gyze would also wipe him out of existence as well).

Thanks to Tokoha Anjou, Dumjid's Diffride was undone but left Saori in a coma due to the strain of the Diffride and the physical backlash it cased once it was undone.

Months after TRY3 had beaten back Gyze and saved the universe, Saori was joined by Taiyou and Hiroki in response to the rebirth of the G Quests and teamed up together to tackle some of the various events being held that day.  


As Saori Fuchidaka was introduced while already Diffriden, Dumjid shares the same record and deck as Saori.

Saori uses a Kagero deck built focused on cards with the Blaze ability. It also focuses on drawing power to fortify his defenses, representing the fact that the Diffrider unit Flare Trooper, Dumjid is a Perfect Guard. After Dumjid lost using Ultimate Stride, his G zone burned up.



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