Savage Destroyer (Full Art)

Savage Destroyer

"Savages" (サベイジ Sabeiji) are a series of Human cards that include "Savage" in its name. These units are Tachikaze-exclusive cards, in which they serve as Tachikaze's support card. They were first introduced in Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion. Their most noted card is Savage King, one of the earliest cards in the series, since it appeared in the manga before being printed later.

List of "Savage" cards

Grade 0

Card Name Type
Savage Aggressor Trigger unit (Critical)
Savage Healer Trigger unit (Heal)
Savage Notice Trigger unit (Draw)
Savage Patriarch
Savage Rowdy Trigger unit (Front)
Savage Shaman Trigger unit (Heal)
Savage Shaman (V Series) Trigger unit (Heal)

Grade 1

Card Name Type
Savage Augur
Savage Conjurer
Savage Foxy
Savage Guardian
Savage Heroine
Savage Illuminator
Savage Lancer
Savage Magus
Savage Mystique
Savage Priestess Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Savage Trooper
Savage Warrior

Grade 2

Card Name Type
Savage Academian
Savage Archer
Savage Destroyer
Savage Raider
Savage Ranger
Savage Warlock

Grade 3

Card Name Type
Savage Head
Savage Hunter
Savage King
Savage King (V Series)
Savage Mercenary
Savage Sorcerer
Savage War Chief
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