Blaster Blade Seeker & Sing Saver Dragon

Blaster Blade Seeker & Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon

The "Seekers" (探索者シーカー Shīkā) are a series of cards that include "Seeker" in its card name exclusive to the Royal Paladin clan. They were first introduced in Trial Deck 14: Seeker of Hope.

Their playstyle is very similar to the classic Royal Paladin style, Superior calling rearguards consistently to setup a strong field and gaining strength from the rearguards, except for relatively lower costs and more power in exchange for being limited to only work with other Seekers.

Their playstyle can also be compared to the Liberator sub-clan, but they have a wider range of units to choose from when they superior call instead of just looking at the top 3-5 cards of the deck but also have a relatively higher cost.


Who are the "Seekers"?

The Magi of "Oracle Think Tank" have foretold an ominous disaster, "the disappearance of Blaster Blade, the swordsman of light". It is also foretold that "Two Hopes" are required to prevent this disaster. To seek the unknown existence and confront the fate, the search party "Seeker" is formed, with "Blaster Blade" as its leader.

The Seekers and the Sage of Guidance.

Their journey was the past that has become a legend, and it happened before the rebellion of Shadow Paladins. They have met Sage of Guidance, Zenon, who revealed to them fragments of the future. They saw people who worked their best to live such as Brawlers and Metalborgs. The Seekers vowed to seek the hope in order to protect the world and the future. Moved by their solidarity, Zenon made attempts to summon someone, even at the cost of violating the taboo of intervening the past.

Who are the "Seekers"? (15th October 2014)

In order to investigate the aberrant condition "Interdimensional Crosstalk", "Royal Paladin" dispatched messengers to garrison troops all over the Sanctuary, and established several search parties. The search party "Seekers" is one of them. It is named after the troop lead by a great knight, who stood against the fate of his own disappearance and returned successfully after a long journey.

The phenomenon known as "Stride", and the mysterious party whose members use "Stride" intentionally... in order to seek out the truth, knights proceed to investigate around the world.

List of "Seeker" Cards

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  • Death Seeker, Thanatos is not considered part of this series since it does not have 「探索者シーカー」 in its Japanese name. This card can be used in English format due to the reason that this translation is unknown.
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