Sub-Clans Archetype Series

Steam Scara, Gigi and Steam Scalar, Sin-magir (Extra)

Steam Scara, Gigi and Steam Scalar, Sin-magir, members of Gear Chronicle's "Steam" denizens.

A "Series" is a group of cards who share a unique title, yet do not have effects related to that title. A "Series" is normally mentioned by the lore, although some have obvious design choices that separate them from other cards due to artwork and naming alone. All members of the Series do not necessarily need to share the title, such as the Dragwizards. Some Series can even be based on Race.

Many Series have become Sub-Clans in Cardfight!! Vanguard G, likely as a way to increase the variety of playable decks, while also supporting fan-favorite cards.

Some Series may also support a Character Archetype. However, since those Series support a card name rather than a card title, they are not considered Sub-Clans.

List of Card Series

Section under construction

Series with Lore

Angel Feather

Aqua Force

Dimension Police

Gear Chronicle



Neo Nectar

Oracle Think Tank

Pale Moon

Shadow Paladin



Series Without Lore

As the following do not have lores, this list is entirely speculative, and the information given is based on observations of card artwork, official lores, and naming schemes.

Aqua Force


Titans (巨人兵ティターン Titān) are a series of Golem cards that include "Titan" in their card names exclusive to the Aqua Force clan, and introduced in Trial Deck 7: Descendants of the Marine Emperor. They seem to be giant man-made beings, used for attack and defense, and also in the production of pyroxene mining.

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