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Shinemon Nitta, or "Shin" for short, is a support character in the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime), as well the owner and manager of Card Capital. In the Shinemon arc, Shin becomes the protagonist of the story in his third year at high school, where he tries to save the future of Card Capital.


Shin is extremely knowledgeable when is comes to Vanguard, and is happy to assist others. He also acts as an overbearing guardian to his niece Misaki Tokura. Despite no longer playing Vanguard, Shin's love for the game is evident.

As a teenager, he seems to be determined to save his family's business Card Capital. He's a hot-blooded fighter with a strong will that helps him overcome adversity. He tends to act rashly; acting before thinking. However, he does this out of love, as a way to help Misaki and her parents.


Shin wears a light blue dress shirt with a dark blue collar and cuffs. He wears dark blue jeans, and a blue Card Capital apron. His hair is green styled with dull spikes, and he wears black rimmed glasses over his dark grey eyes.

As a teenager, Shinemon wears Hitsue's high school uniform with a red tie. He also has a similar pair of glasses, although his hair is more spiky.


Part 1 - Shinemon Arc - Fight for Capital!

Shinemon's history starts out much like the original version of the anime: he's relatives with the owners of Card Capital and learns of Misaki's parent's tragic accident and deaths.  This is when he vows to protect Card Capital from the entrepreneur Esuka Hibino who intends to add the business to her long list of card shop store chains.  Sometime later, he would meet his best friend, Mark Whiting, his mentor and future ally, Rive Shindou, and his sister Mikuru Shindou. It is during one of her raids on the shop that we are introduced to the high school version of Shinemon, riding a skateboard and holding out an open bag of everflowing catnip to get all the cats in town to follow him to scare of Esuka due to her fear of cats.  The skateboard breaks and he lands on top of her, being embarrased by the situation but Esuka keeps her cool until a swarm of cats fly on her and she runs off with Shinemon close behind, telling him that he can't protect the store forever, especially with a lack of a manager.  Shinemon says that if all it takes to keep the store out of her hands is to become the manager that he would.  She would look baffled as she made her escape in her car and drove off.

Afterwards, Shinemon met with his friends at Capital with Mikuru chastising him for staking out the building and cooking inside as well.  Despite all this, Shinemon held fast to the believe he would protect Card Capital from Esuka's clutches.  It was at this time that he met with Tatsuya Tachibana who looked up to him stating that he was cool for how forward he is with his life.  Shinemon gladly accepted his compliments.

The next day, at Card Capital, Shinemon and his friends would not find Mark staking out the building in his place but instead find the mysterious Ninja Master who challenges Shinemon to a fight for the fate of the shop.  Despite the obvious hints, Shinemon does not realize that Ninja Master is actually Mark.  The two have a tough battle, but after Shinemon collects 5 Imaginary Gifts, he summons his ace monster, Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion, and proceeds to defeat the mysterious infiltrator, only to find out that it was Mark all along.  He explained that Esuka told him that him staking out the shop would only hurt Shinemon's grades at school.  Despite his anger at Mark, he blames Esuka for the fight and forgives him.  He continues to swear to protect Card Capital for the sake of Misaki.  He visits her in the hospital, showing off his new friend, Assisticat, who joined him during his first attack on Esuka.  Misaki seemed to worry about him, but Shinemon continues to do what he must to keep the place he and his family created going strong.

A few days later, Esuka would visit Shinemon and his friends and better explain what it would mean if Card Capital would be under her control.  Despite the glamour and posh, Shinemon continued to refuse, even refusing a present Vanguard Deck that she was willing to part with which had surprisingly good cards according to Rive.  After she leaves, Tatsuya, with a bit of prodding from Mikuru, asks Shinemon if he can be his disciple, telling him that he had admired him and wants to be like him.  Shinemon agrees and challenges Tatsuya to a fight when he realizes that the deck he is using isn't his, but the one Esuka offered him.  He begins to panic, with his friends stating the worst case scenarios for his deck, and feels the only way to save his deck is to sneak into Esuka's HQ and take it back.  He wanted to go incognito so he partnered with Mark and dressed as a ninja, arriving at the building shortly thereafter.  After trouble dealing with security, he manages to grab a chance by obtaining a card that would allow him to challenge the floor masters of each floor above him an d get closer to Esuka's office.  On the floor before the S Rank floor, he remembers that he was there to get his deck, not to do battle.  A chance arrives when Nanami Gonomi and Tonori Fujinami arrive to challenge the players quickly rising through the Ranks.  Realizing that they had S Rank cards and could go anywhere in the building, Shinemon made a deal with Nanami, whom he figured out her weakness for cats due to their previous interaction with security.  Nanami trades her card for a few moments with Assisticat and he and Mark proceed to the President's Office.  There, as Shinemon searches everywhere for his deck, runs into Esuka just out of the shower and starts to panic that he has seen her in such a way.  Esuka tells him that she's not embarrased that a boy is looking at her before making her way to her front deck and found his deck.  He left Nanami's card with someone, grabbed Assisticat, and made his escape with Mark.  

Due to his poor attendence and grades, Shin had to do make-up exams in order to have a chance to pass the current semester.  To prevent Esuka from taking the shop, he left Tatsyua and Mikuru in charge while he was away.  That night, he finds that his friends were at Esuka's HQ attempting to save Mikuru from supposedly being kidnapped.  Once he arrives, he watches Nanami defeat Mark and made fun of his style of fighting.  Unable to forgive her for the remarks about his friend, Shinemon challenged her to a fight with Card Capital on the line.  During the fight, he learned of her amazing talents and her reasons for playing Vanguard as well as her dislike for those who don't give up.  However, he continues to never give up, saying that luck is a gift for those who never give up until the end, and pulls off a surprising win.  After the fight, Nanami apologizes to Mark, whom in turn forgives her.  After the fight, Esuka revealed that she knew Misaki's parents and were grateful to them for helping her out of her funk from long ago.  She admits to admiring Misaki's father to which he replies that he does too and aspires to be a manager just like him. She retorts that he isn't a great manager yet and remarks that he hasn't even reopened the shop, leaving Shin speechless.

The next day, he mulls over Esuka's remarks about not being a good manager and having not reopened the shop even after Misaki's parents had passed.  It was at this time that Halloween was coming up and after meeting with the shopping district chairman, he was convinced that he should open the shop for the people so they could participate in the upcoming Halloween Festival.  He meets with his friends to decide what they would do for the festival and ultimately decide on a costume Vanguard tournament.  Despite the issues and unusual circumstances, the event was a success and Shinemon felt a sense of pride and love for accomplishing this feat.  He wanted to continue doing this so he decided he would reopen Capital again when all of a sudden Esuka showed up to challenge him to a Vanguard fight for Capital.  During their battle, she explained that what he did today was considered barely what a real manager does and told him that he still didn't have what it took, even going so far as to point out that she's secretly helped him along the way for the Halloween Event.  Despite this, Shinemon remained steadfast on beating her.  Ultimately, he failed to her Lottery tactics and cunning use of her cards and lost.  With Esuka now the rightful owner of Capital, she asks everyone to vacate the premise, leaving everyone out in the rain to wallow in misery with Shinemon feeling the worst.

The next day, he goes to the hospital to break the news to Misaki but when he arrived he saw Esuka talking with Misaki about how she now owns Capital and will take care of it under her name.  Shinemon, finally realizing the connection between Misaki's family and her, was shocked when he heard that Misaki was okay with the outcome and ran off before being spotted.  He goes into a depressive state and does nothing to get himself out of it.  Being reminded through Nanami about never giving up, Shinemon musters the courage to visit Misaki to tell her himself what had happened.  During his visit, he learns of Misaki's photographic memory and how she can't forget anything she's experienced, including her parent's death.  He then stands up, apologizes to Misaki for running and runs to Esuka's HQ to ask for a rematch.

While there, he runs into Mikuru who is meeting with Esuka about becoming an idolt, something she previously turned down.  He tells her not to become an idol for her sake, to which she yells that it wasn't.  Esuka then reminds him of his childish tendencies and while she may find them charming is not something she'll overlook.  She refuses Shinemon's request for a rematch, telling him that he bet Capital and lost.  She then asks, just as he's about to leave, why he was trying desperately to protect Capital.  Shinemon doesn't reply, thinking only of his family before leaving.

Shinemon returns to his depressive mood when out of nowhere Esuka shows up and tells him that she'll offer him the chance to battle her for Capital once again by competing in the S Cup Tournament she is sponsering where the winning team will have the honor of challenging her.  In his delight, he thanked her repeatedly, even inviting Assisticat to thank her, scaring her off.  He then gets excited at the prospect of being able to challenge her and take back Capital.

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