Stealth Dragon, Shiranui

"Shiranui" (シラヌイ Shiranui) is a series of cards with "Shiranui" in its card name exclusive to the Nubatama clan.


In the lore, "Shiranui" is considered to be a familial clan, which includes Shiranui himself, as well as his some of his support, and other Nubatama cards. They are also known as the "Heterodox Users". The known clan members are:

This clan is also known to be considered evil, and strayed away from the righteousness of the original Nubatama clans. They were frequently used as expendable goons by others to do dangerous missions. Shiranui gained his powers of Dominate after meeting with the Relics as he was dying, and after his clan had mostly perished.


Originally, Shiranui followed Nubatama's regular theme of binding the opponent's rear-guards and force the opponent to discard, with an added focus on the Afterimage Keyword.

Later, they switched to focusing on the Dominate Keyword, which forces the opponent's units to attack each other. They support this ability by increasing the Power of the Dominated units and by forcing the opponent to call units to RG ensured there will be targets to Dominate.

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