Shizuka Sendou is a minor character in Cardfight!! Vanguard anime and manga, and the mother of Aichi and Emi. She is quite warm and cares a lot for her children's well-being. She does not mind that Aichi had gained an interest in Vanguard. At first when Emi asked her why Aichi was coming home very late she thought that he had found something fun to do at school but after she found out, she finds it was good for her son since he had become more confident.

Shizuka has a very optimistic view on Aichi, and when Emi is concerned about him she tells her that Aichi will be okay, but this is mostly because she is not aware about his PSYqualia.

Mini Vanguard

  • Emi helped her construct a vanguard deck. The deck itself compose solely on handsome and mature male units (ex. Captain Nightmist, Knight of Conviction, Bors, Solitary Knight, Gancelot, Chain-attack Sutherland, etc.) causing Aichi to wonder what kind of deck his mother was trying to make. She even tried to take Blaster Blade from Aichi as she commented on how handsome Blaster Blade looked, but Aichi however told her she could not have him. 
  • Aichi explained that he image himself as Blaster Blade and Emi would image herself as one of her Bermuda Triangle cards. Their mother answered that she imagined herself as the mysterious Kai that Aichi has mentioned before.
  • She actually went to the Card Capital to meet Aichi and his friends. When she saw Kai, she said that he looked exactly like what she imagined himself to look like. She asked him to check the Vanguard deck her kids made for her, causing Aichi to panic. Kai told her that her deck seems in order of what a Vanguard deck should be, though he appeared quite shocked on what cards are in the deck itself. Nevertheless, she and Kai fought in a cardfight. She won by getting a critical trigger causing Kai who had 4 damage to suffer his sixth damage. She then commented that she will now battle others with the deck her kids helped make, causing Aichi discomfort and embarrassment. 
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