In this image, skill icon is denoted by the number 10

Skill icons (スキルアイコン sukiru aikon) are common abilities that nearly all units have based on their grade. Each icon shows which ability the unit has. Some card abilities can cause units to gain or lose skill icons. As skill icons are not inherently tied to a unit's grade, abilities that alter the grade of a unit will not affect its skill icon and vice versa.

Sk boost.gif Boost


  • As you choose your attacking unit and your opponent's unit to be attacked for a battle, you can also choose a unit with "Boost" in the back row of the same column as your attacking unit, and [Rest] Rest.png it to boost the attacking unit. The [Power] Power icon.png of the boosted unit increases by the [Power] Power icon.png of the boosting unit until end of that battle.
  • If your vanguard is in Legion, the [Power] Power icon.png gain is applied to the Legion group's power, but you choose which one of the two vanguards is being boosted (this is important for cards that care about boosting units with specific characteristics, such as Wingal Brave).
  • The [Power] Power icon.png of the boosting unit is continuously added to the boosted unit for the duration of the battle. If the boosting unit's [Power] Power icon.png changes, the change is immediately applied to the boosted unit's [Power] Power icon.png. If the boosting unit leaves the field or loses its status as boosting unit, the [Power] Power icon.png increase disappears as well.
  • Currently only grade 0 and grade 1 units have "Boost".

Sk intercept.gif Intercept


  • During your opponent's guard step, if your rear-guard with "Intercept" is in the front row, is not being attacked, and another of your units is being attacked, you can move the card with "Intercept" to (GC) as [Rest] Rest.png.
    • This is not considered calling or placing the unit on (GC), so "when placed on (GC)" abilities do not activate, and abilities that restrict which units can be called to (GC) do not restrict Intercept.
  • The intercepting unit becomes treated as a guardian. Choose one of your units that is being attacked, and the intercepting unit will guard that unit.
  • It does not matter if your unit with "Intercept" is in [Stand] Stand.png or [Rest] Rest.png state to use its "Intercept" ability.
  • Currently only grade 2 and certain grade 1 and 0 units have "Intercept".
  • "Especial Intercept" is an official term to refer to an ability that grant them extra [Shield] Shield icon.png upon intercepting.

Sk twindrive.gif Twin Drive!!

Japanese:「ツインドライブ!!」(Tsuin Doraibu!!)

  • "Twin Drive!!" grants the unit drive+1 while it is your vanguard, allowing you to drive check two cards instead of one during the drive step.
  • Currently only grade 3 units and grade 4 normal units have "Twin Drive!!".

Sk tripledrive.png Triple Drive!!!

Japanese:「トリプルドライブ!!!」(Toripuru Doraibu!!!)

  • "Triple Drive!!!" grants the unit drive+2 while it is your vanguard, allowing you to drive check three cards instead of one during the drive step.
  • Currently only G units with Stride have "Triple Drive!!!".


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