CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.1 is the 9th Special Series released in the Japanese format, and 7th released in the English format.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
V-SS09/001 Sephilath-aider, Shin Malkuth-melekh 3 Angel Feather Protect RRR+SP
V-SS09/002 Holy Road Angel 2 Angel Feather RRR
V-SS09/003 Persistence Angel 1 Angel Feather RRR
V-SS09/004 Aid-roid, Zayin 2 Angel Feather RRR
V-SS09/005 Bellyful Meds Angel 1 Angel Feather RRR
V-SS09/006 Healthful Intendant 1 Angel Feather RRR
V-SS09/007 Battle Cupid, Nociel 0 Angel Feather Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/008 Mesmerizing Witch, Fianna 3 Shadow Paladin Force RRR+SP
V-SS09/009 Witch of Reality, Femme 2 Shadow Paladin RRR
V-SS09/010 Cold-blooded Witch, Luba 1 Shadow Paladin RRR
V-SS09/011 Black Sage, Charon 1 Shadow Paladin RRR
V-SS09/012 Dead Armor Dragon 1 Shadow Paladin RRR
V-SS09/013 Skull Witch, Nemain 1 Shadow Paladin RRR
V-SS09/014 Dark Shield, Mac Lir 0 Shadow Paladin Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/015 Spectral Duke Dragon 3 Gold Paladin Accel RRR+SP
V-SS09/016 Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer 2 Gold Paladin RRR
V-SS09/017 Scout of Darkness, Vortimer 1 Gold Paladin RRR
V-SS09/018 Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin 2 Gold Paladin RRR
V-SS09/019 Stronghold of the Black Chains, Hoel 1 Gold Paladin RRR
V-SS09/020 Listener of Truth, Dindrane 1 Gold Paladin RRR
V-SS09/021 Halo Shield, Mark 0 Gold Paladin Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/022 Light Battle Dragon, Gigannoblazer 3 Tachikaze Accel RRR+SP
V-SS09/023 Extortion Dragon, Spinoextort 2 Tachikaze RRR
V-SS09/024 Savage Shooter 1 Tachikaze RRR
V-SS09/025 Ravenous Dragon, Megarex 2 Tachikaze RRR
V-SS09/026 Clearout Dragon, Sweeperacrocanto 2 Tachikaze RRR
V-SS09/027 Savage Trooper 1 Tachikaze RRR
V-SS09/028 Archbird 0 Tachikaze Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/029 Six Flowers of Phantasms, Shirayuki 3 Murakumo Accel RRR+SP
V-SS09/030 Ice Fang Princess, Tsurarahime 2 Murakumo RRR
V-SS09/031 Apprentice Youkai, Sasameyuki 1 Murakumo RRR
V-SS09/032 Abrupt Stealth Rogue, Ariou 2 Murakumo RRR
V-SS09/033 Stealth Fiend, Jakotsu Girl 2 Murakumo RRR
V-SS09/034 Stealth Fiend, Rainy Madame 1 Murakumo RRR
V-SS09/035 Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage 0 Murakumo Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/036 Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion "THE BLOOD" 3 Narukami Accel RRR+SP
V-SS09/037 Spark Arrow Dragon 2 Narukami RRR
V-SS09/038 Thunder Varret Dragon 1 Narukami RRR
V-SS09/039 Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion 3 Narukami RRR
V-SS09/040 Bolt Pike Dragon 2 Narukami RRR
V-SS09/041 Rising Phoenix 1 Narukami RRR
V-SS09/042 Wyvern Guard, Guld 0 Narukami Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/043 Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon 3 Link Joker RRR+SP
V-SS09/044 Bisection Star-vader, Zirconium 2 Link Joker RRR
V-SS09/045 Star-vader, Craving Claw 1 Link Joker RRR
V-SS09/046 Blast Monk of the Thundering Foot 2 Link Joker RRR
V-SS09/047 Last Crust, Meranel 2 Link Joker RRR
V-SS09/048 Crunching Deletor, Baruol 1 Link Joker RRR
V-SS09/049 Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath 0 Link Joker Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/050 Evil God Bishop, Gastille 3 Dark Irregulars RRR+SP
V-SS09/051 Poisonic Abductor 2 Dark Irregulars RRR
V-SS09/052 Ironheart Assassin 1 Dark Irregulars RRR
V-SS09/053 Emblem Master 2 Dark Irregulars RRR
V-SS09/054 Phantasma Executor 2 Dark Irregulars RRR
V-SS09/055 Variants Killertail 1 Dark Irregulars RRR
V-SS09/056 March Rabbit of Nightmareland 0 Dark Irregulars Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/057 Interdimensional Dragon, Time Leaper Dragon 4 Gear Chronicle RRR+SP
V-SS09/058 Steam Gunner, Zayd 2 Gear Chronicle RRR
V-SS09/059 Lost Gear Dog, Eight 1 Gear Chronicle RRR
V-SS09/060 Steam Scara, Irkab 2 Gear Chronicle RRR
V-SS09/061 Chronotooth Tigar 1 Gear Chronicle RRR
V-SS09/062 Steam Maiden, Ribbul 1 Gear Chronicle RRR
V-SS09/063 Steam Guard, Kastilia 0 Gear Chronicle Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/064 Ghostie Leader, Beatrice 3 Granblue Protect RRR+SP
V-SS09/065 Jessie the Ghostie 2 Granblue RRR
V-SS09/066 Damian the Ghostie 1 Granblue RRR
V-SS09/067 Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon 3 Granblue RRR
V-SS09/068 Greed Shade 2 Granblue RRR
V-SS09/069 Ripple Banshee 1 Granblue RRR
V-SS09/070 Gust Djinn 0 Granblue Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/071 Worm Toxin Mutant, Venom Stinger 3 Megacolony Protect RRR+SP
V-SS09/072 Pincer Attack Mutant, Intrude Scissors 3 Megacolony Protect RRR
V-SS09/073 Mutant Gentleman, High Class Moth 1 Megacolony RRR
V-SS09/074 Machining Mantis 2 Megacolony RRR
V-SS09/075 Small Captain, Butterfly Officer 1 Megacolony RRR
V-SS09/076 Stealth Millipede 1 Megacolony RRR
V-SS09/077 Paralyze Madonna 0 Megacolony Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/078 Maiden of Stand Peony 3 Neo Nectar Force RRR+SP
V-SS09/079 Maiden of Fall Vine 2 Neo Nectar RRR
V-SS09/080 Maiden of Flower Carpet 1 Neo Nectar RRR
V-SS09/081 Autumn's Turning Maiden, Rosie 2 Neo Nectar RRR
V-SS09/082 Maiden of Nepenthes 2 Neo Nectar RRR
V-SS09/083 Fruits Basket Elf 1 Neo Nectar RRR
V-SS09/084 Maiden of Blossom Rain 0 Neo Nectar Draw/
Perfect Guard
V-SS09/ASR01 Chronojet Dragon 3 Gear Chronicle Force ASR

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Angel Feather 1 3 2 1 0 7
Shadow Paladin 1 4 1 1 0 7
Gold Paladin 1 3 2 1 0 7
Tachikaze 1 2 3 1 0 7
Murakumo 1 2 3 1 0 7
Narukami 1 2 2 2 0 7
Link Joker 1 2 3 1 0 7
Dark Irregulars 1 3 2 1 0 7
Gear Chronicle 1 3 2 0(+1) 1 7(+1)
Granblue 1 2 2 2 0 7
Megacolony 1 3 1 2 0 7
Neo Nectar 1 2 3 1 0 7

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