Original V Series CF ZERO

Spike Brothers Emblem

"Spike Brothers" (スパイクブラザーズ Supaiku Burazāzū) is a clan from the Dark Zone nation, which has Imaginary Gift Force. It is themed after many brutish races such as Ogres, Demons, and Goblins competing against each other in an athletic sport known as "Gallows Ball", which takes after real-world sports such as American football and rugby. In Gallows Ball, however, cheating and fixed matches are prominent, and many weak players die often, as there are no rules against the use of weapons or modifications.


Spike Brothers are an offense-heavy clan that focuses on having high power rearguards. In order to maintain this power, many of their units have abilities that send a rearguard into the soul with the purpose of superior calling a copy of that rearguard from the deck. This not only makes their field consistently dangerous, but also increases the likelihood of drive checking and damage checking triggers as normal units are taken out of the deck.

VG-V-EB09 introduces the ability to move Force Markers between circles, allowing more aggressive attacks with more power or an extra critical depending on which Force they pick. There are also units that have skills enabled if the unit has a Force Marker on its circle.

Spike Brothers has the Force Imaginary Gift, which allows their rearguards to hit even higher numbers.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Demon Shared
Giant Shared
Human Shared
Ogre Shared
Succubus Shared
Warbeast Shared
Workeroid Shared

Sets containing Spike Brothers Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Extra Booster 01: The Destructive Roar 22
V Extra Booster 09: The Raging Tactics 22
V Booster Set 10: Phantom Dragon Aeon 25

List of Spike Brothers Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Cheerful Lynx Warbeast Draw Trigger
Cheer Girl, Adalaide Goblin Heal Trigger
Cheer Girl, Franny Succubus
Cheer Girl, Marilyn Succubus Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Cheer Girl, Pauline Ogre Draw Trigger
Cheer Girl, Tiara Workeroid Heal Trigger
Killparade Mevis Demon Critical Trigger
Liar Lips Succubus Critical Trigger/Sentinel
Mecha Trainer Workeroid
Running Sniper Demon
Silence Joker Ghost Critical Trigger
Sonic Breaker Ogre Critical Trigger

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Acrobat Verdi Ogre
Ambush Dexter Demon
Big Blow Ted Demon
Cheer Girl, Courtney Succubus
Cheer Girl, Jamie Elf Perfect Guard
Commander, Garry Gannon Ogre
Concealed Angela Vampire
Dudley William Demon
Elevation Wideout Demon
Funky Bazooka Demon
Gyro Slinger Ogre
Jackknife Janice Demon
Knockout Strong Ogre
Mecha Manager Workeroid
Mecha Referee Workeroid
Offensive Punter Demon
Outside Rabbit Warbeast
Snapper Devil Demon
Sweetie Guard Demon Perfect Guard
White Tight End Warbeast
Wonder Boy Human

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Adorbs Perm, Rona Succubus
Assaulting Babarias Ogre
Bombing Tail-back Demon
Breach Spurt Demon
Defensive Evil Hater Ogre
Derange Thaddeus Demon
Detonate Bahrel Human
Diabolic Middle Guard Demon
Dudley Davie Demon
Egocentric Flanker Ogre
Fierce Leader, Zachary Ogre
Flareblast Coyote Warbeast
Gunburst Linebacker Workeroid
Highspeed, Brakki Warbeast
Intrigue Center Demon
Meteoric Panthera Warbeast
Powerback Renaldo Demon
Provoke Needle Demon
Spike Bouncer Ogre
Treasured, Black Panther Warbeast

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Bad End Dragger Demon Force
Big Back Warlord Ogre
Breaking Granmobile Ogre
Bullet Liner Demon Force
Deadheat Bullspike Ogre Force
Demonic Lord, Dudley Lucifer Demon Force
Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova Ogre Force
Front-line Command, Sigiswald Demon
General Seifried Demon Force
Gunwild Wolf Warbeast Force
Juggernaut Maximum Giant Force
Punting Cannon Workeroid Force
Spiking Cyclone Demon Force
Unite Attacker Ogre Force

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