Original V Series ZERO


"Spike Brothers" (スパイクブラザーズ Supaiku Burazāzū) is a clan from the nation of Co dark.gif Dark Zone. It is themed after many brutish races such as Ogres, Demons, and Goblins competing against each other in an athletic sport known as "Gallows Bowl", which takes after real-world sports such as American football and rugby. In Gallows Bowl, however, cheating and fixed matches are prominent, and many weak players die often, as there are no rules against the use of weapons or modifications.


Spike Brothers is a highly aggresive clan that "Tackles" the opponent with high powered rear-guards that return themselves to the deck after attacking, leaving that circle open for another unit to "Tag out" and continue attacking multiple times. The clan often sacrifices defensive potential for more aggresion.

Fight Skins

Kyou Yahagi

Unit Representatives



Name Type Description
Giant Shared

List of Spike Brothers Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Baby Face Izaac Baby Face Izaac Human
Mecha Trainer Mecha Trainer Workeroid
Psychic Mel Psychic Mel Human
Reign of Terror, Thermidor Reign of Terror, Thermidor Demon
Smart Leader, Dark Bringer Smart Leader, Dark Bringer Demon

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Cheer Girl, Carol Cheer Girl, Carol Ogre
Cheer Girl, Marilyn Cheer Girl, Marilyn Succubus Perfect Guard
Commander, Garry Gannon Commander, Garry Gannon Ogre
Cyclone Blitz Cyclone Blitz Ogre
Dudley Daisy Dudley Daisy Succubus
Dudley Dan Dudley Dan Ogre
Dudley Phantom Dudley Phantom Ghost
Gyro Slinger Gyro Slinger Ogre
Machine Gun Gloria Machine Gun Gloria Succubus
Medical Manager Medical Manager Goblin
Reckless Express Reckless Express Workeroid
Spike Brothers Assault Squad Spike Brothers Assault Squad Goblin
Tyrant Receiver Tyrant Receiver Ogre
UFO (Unlucky Flying Object) UFO (Unlucky Flying Object) Goblin
Wild Hitter Wild Hitter Ogre
Wonder Boy Wonder Boy Goblin

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Blow Kiss Olivia Blow Kiss Olivia Succubus
Charging Bill Collector Charging Bill Collector Ogre
Devil Summoner Devil Summoner Demon
Dudley Douglass Dudley Douglass Ogre
Dudley Mason Dudley Mason Giant
Field Driller Field Driller Ogre
Fierce Leader, Zachary Fierce Leader, Zachary Ogre
Go for Broke Go for Broke Warbeast
Highspeed, Brakki Highspeed, Brakki Warbeast
Jumbo the Stungun Jumbo the Stungun Warbeast
Spike Bouncer Spike Bouncer Ogre
Treasured, Black Panther Treasured, Black Panther Warbeast

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Anti-battleroid Gunner Anti-battleroid Gunner Ogre Trigger unit
Bad End Dragger Bad End Dragger Demon Trigger unit
Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor Workeroid Trigger unit
Demonic Lord, Dudley Lucifer Demonic Lord, Dudley Lucifer Ogre Trigger unit
General Seifried General Seifried Demon Trigger unit
Grateful Catapult Grateful Catapult Ogre Trigger unit
Jelly Beans Jelly Beans Demon Trigger unit
Juggernaut Maximum Juggernaut Maximum Giant Trigger unit
Rabbit House Rabbit House Golem Trigger unit
Sky Diver Sky Diver Workeroid Trigger unit
Unite Attacker Unite Attacker Ogre Trigger unit

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