Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon

"Star-vader" (星輝兵スターベイダー Sutābeidā) is a series of cards that include "Star-vader" in its card name exclusive of the Link Joker clan. They were first introduced in Trial Deck 11: Star-vader Invasion. The playstyle revolves around locking your opponent's units in order to gain additional skills and has the capability of preventing unlocks at the opponent's end phase, thus worsening the opponent's situation.


Who are the Star-vaders?

The forerunners of "Link Joker", which is the incarnation of "Void" and the invaders threatening Cray. Their main mission is to investigate the indigenous creatures and collect the data of powerful beings, and dominate their bodies if possible. However, it is said that they would annihilate weaker beings in the process, finding their data not valuable enough to be collected. They possess multiple technologies that do not exist on Cray, and can manipulate the mysterious power "Lock" freely.

The Detached Force of Star-vaders.

Star-vaders are forerunners of "Link Joker", which are the invaders from a different dimension. Their doomsday weapon, ""Omega" Glendios", had been destroyed and they lost the war later known as the "Invasion Great War". They were forced to retreat with the loss of 70% of their forces and rejoined the main force. However, a detached force was sent to work secretly under the edict from the main force. This fact was unknown to all except a few Star-vaders.

List of "Star-vader" cards


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