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This nation is situated at Cray's southern pole, Star Gate's (スターゲート Sutaa Gēto) landmass is a spaceport operated by the Commercial Wrestling Federation. Aliens, Battleroids and entities from alternate realities gather here.

The most prominent power present are the Nova Grapplers, led by Asura Kaiser and Mr. Invincible.

This is also the current home of the vigilante corp, Dimension Police. Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha is in head of the Dimensional Police's investigations of Cray. The Dimension Police are notably not native to Cray, as they are combating multidimensional criminals from their own world.

The Etranger also appears on this nation as a cameo clan of the Royal, Shadow and Gold Paladin's leaders.

There is also the former invading clan known as Link Joker who resides in this nation. After Alter Ego Messiah went and purified them they became a part of Cray, but because their source of energy is still too small for them to live they search for pieces of Brandt that fell to Cray. They currently reside in a cave somewhere in Star Gate, hidden from the world since there is a chance of them becoming targets of the hate and fear that the former Invaders put into the hearts of the residents of Cray.

This nation's Zeroth Dragon is Stark.

This nation's Progenitor Dragon is Origorem

This nation is represented with the color gray.

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