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Liberating the Generation Zone!...
...Generation Stride!

—Chant when declaring Stride


Rain Element, Madew

"Stride" (超越ストライド Sutoraido) is a keyword exclusive to G units, introduced in Movie Booster 1: Neon Messiah. It is indicated by an icon of a gear-like circle with "超越ストライド"/"Stride'" written next to it: thump / thump.


G units with the "Stride" keyword have the following characteristics:

  • They have a red-colored frame with gold lines.
  • They have an original [Power] Power icon of 15000 or 16000. Their [Power] Power icon is printed with a "+" after it, representing the fact that they gain extra [Power] Power icon from their heart card (see below).
  • They are grade 4 cards with "Triple Drive!!!".

How it Works

Stride Procedure

"Stride" is a continuous ability which, once it is active, allows you to play a face down G unit from your G zone on your vanguard circle face up. It is done through the following process and can be done once per turn:

  • During the stride step of your ride phase (which comes after the ride step), if both you and your opponent have a grade 3 or greater vanguard OR you started the turn with a grade 3 or greater vanguard, you may pay the cost specified on the Stride ability.
    • If no cost is specified by the Stride ability, choose one or more cards from your hand with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater, and discard them as the cost.
  • After paying the cost, choose a face down G unit with "Stride" from your G zone. Put the chosen G unit on your middle front row (VC), in the same [Stand] Stand or [Rest] Rest state as your current vanguard, and it becomes your new vanguard. All units previously on that (VC) become "heart cards" associated with your G unit. If your heart card(s) were deleted, turn them face up.
  • Choose one of your heart cards that is not a G unit, and the G unit that was just placed gains the original [Power] Power icon and card name of the chosen heart card. For example, if "Harmonics Messiah" Strides on "Chronojet Dragon", its card name on the field will be both "Harmonics Messiah" and "Chronojet Dragon" and its [Power] Power icon will be 27000.
  • After the above process, all "when placed" and "when Stride" abilities activate, and you choose the order in which to resolve them (paying any required costs).

End Phase

  • At the end of any turn, if there are G units on your (VC) or (RC), return them to your G zone face up. This is done before unlocking locked cards or using "at the end of turn" abilities.

Other Details

  • When a G unit leaves your (VC), your heart card returns to being a unit on (VC) and is put in the same [Stand] Stand or [Rest] Rest state as your G unit was in as it left the field.
  • If the heart card you chose to give your G unit vanguard the name and [Power] Power icon of leaves your (VC) while your G unit is still there, your G unit vanguard loses the card name and [Power] Power icon it had gained. Then, if you have any other heart cards, choose one of them, and your G unit vanguard gains the card name and original [Power] Power icon of the new chosen card; otherwise, it remains without an associated heart card.
  • If a G unit Strides due to an effect that is not normal "Stride", it does not follow the same functions listed above.
  • Striding a G unit is not considered riding or calling a unit.

How the Heart State Works

"Heart" (ハーツ Hātsu, "Hearts") is the state that the heart cards associated with a G unit are considered to be in. A heart card's main type becomes "Heart" and it loses its original main type(s), and it is only considered to have its original card name and [Power] Power icon. However, all the other information printed or gained on its face up side can be referred to by effects.

A heart card is still considered to be a card on (VC). This means that while you have a G unit vanguard, you will have two cards on (VC), the G unit and the heart card. A heart card can still be chosen or referred to by effects that say "card on (VC)".

If units in Legion state become heart cards, they remember that they were in Legion state before becoming heart cards, but your vanguard is no longer "in Legion." When the G unit leaves your (VC) and your heart cards return to being your vanguards, they return in Legion state; however, this is not considered "becoming Legion."

An ability or situation may result in a G unit becoming a heart card of another G unit. When this happens, the heart card(s) of the previous G unit remain with it but also become heart cards of the new G unit.

D Series

Under D-icon Standard rules, players cannot Stride unless an ability allows them to, such as the ability of the Chronojet Dragon crest.


What is Stride? (October 10, 2014)

"Stride" refers to the phenomena of heroes from the past and warriors from the future being summoned to modern Cray, due to the effect of the aberrant condition "Interdimensional Crosstalk".
One who possesses a specific and strong image of power they are seeking, and the warrior whose wavelength overlaps with that image. As their wavelengths superpose, the mighty warrior can be temporarily summoned from the Interdimensional Crosstalk.
Most cases of "Stride" are incidental events generated from the sub-conscious of individuals involved, but it is said that a mysterious party whose members use "Stride" intentionally emerges, stirring up the situation.

What is Stride? (December 5, 2014)

The phenomenon known as "Stride" has been reported in many places of Cray. An armed group, calling themselves "Gear Chronicle", manipulate a very similar technique. Among the members of the group, some individuals can create portal-like force fields in the space, and researchers call these force fields "Gate". It is considered that the phenomenon is, in essence, the summoning of beings outside this world through the Gates. At this point, it is reported that these beings have been observed in all nations of Cray, including the colossal dragon came into view on the spot where "Stride" occurred in Dragon Empire. Further actions include collection of information about "Gear Chronicle", plus investigation and analysis of "Stride", in collaboration with the knightly orders.

---Extract from a report submitted to superiors of Oracle Think Tank.

Bearers of Stride (Jan 13th, 2015)

Due to the great war in the past, planet Cray was scarred by "Interdimensional Crosstalk". Though "Gear Chronicle" descended to Cray in order to cure the damage, the "Gate" they created within the distortion of spacetime caused accidental opening of "Gates" in many places of Cray, and lead to the occurrence of the phenomenon "Stride". Now, "Gear Chronicle" is trying to maintain the balance of spacetime with a new method, that is, to send emissaries to different nations and teach those potent beings the technique to control "Stride". More and more bearers of this technique are emerging, including "Altmile" of the Holy Nation, "Thavas" of Marine Nation, and "Ahsha" of Green Nation.
Heralded by powerful image is the encounter with "Hope" and "Possibilities". And so the curtain is opened, of the new history of planet Cray---

The "Rampage" of "Stride" and the meaning of the Gates (Monthly Bushiroad February 2015 Issue)

When "Stride" is done under control, beings from other spacetimes are summoned to modern times through "Gates". The Gates are force fields created on Cray by "Gear Chronicle". The Gates can input simple knowledge of modern times into summoned beings' brains to allow communication, and send the summoned beings back to their original epochs under the will of the summoners. Furthermore, the Gates have the impressive function as a memory device, cleaning and storing the memories of the summoned beings when they return, and re-inputting the memories when they are summoned again. However, if a summoner loses their consciousness when performing "Stride", the functions of the Gate would be ceased. The summoned beings are unable to return in such cases. This is the accident of "Stride", known as "Rampages".

The Timespan of "Stride" (Monthly Bushiroad March 2015 Issue)

The timespan of "Stride" is mostly determined by the synchronization between the two parties. As long as the wavelengths of the summoner and the summoned remain superposed, the summoned can maintain its existence in the modern Cray. The training of "Stride" is to train the minds of the summoners, to control their emotions and maintain the feelings of superposition without shaking.

The Percolating "Stride" and Increasing Users (Monthly Bushiroad March 2015 Issue)

As the representatives of nations succeeded in controlling "Stride", the objectives of "Gear Chronicle" stepped forward. That is, to expand the number of bearers of Stride, and to screen further. Warriors with massive power have the potential to "Stride". But, if they face dangers before they could train themselves, accidents of "Rampages" will occur. To prevent this, messengers are dispatched to different nations under the order of "Chronojet Dragon". It has been reported that in nation with many users of Stride, there are over ten successful controllers. The time to step forward further is when the number of users reach a certain level. And, that should be achievable in near future.

The Heroes' "Possibilities in the Future" (Apr 3rd, 2015)

"Stride" is a magi-technology that summons heroes from "another era", surpassing time and space. This technique enhances temporal contact with "beings that existed" in the past and "beings that would exist" in the future. One notable point is that beings summoned from the future are "beings of possibilities". According to the messenger from Gear Chronicle, there are multiple diverging points on the timeline to reach beings in the future, and it is possible to summon the same individual in different forms due to differential synchronization with his or her mind. This information agrees with the opinions of our corporation's prophets, and is judged as creditable. Among the many beings successfully summoned all over the world, the beings from the future are merely possibilities, and they are not necessarily realized in the future. Staff working on future information should keep this in mind and ensure proper management of information.

---Extract from a text to employees of Oracle Think Tank.

Stride and Unidentified Energy (Monthly Bushiroad July 2015 Issue)

When "Stride" occurs, storms of energy blow violently in the surroundings. This energy was stored in the summoned beings and the Gates, and the exhaustion of this energy causes the summoned beings to return to their original timelines. Originally, this energy cannot be observed or interfered with except by high-ranked beings of "Gear Chronicle". The reason why the "Black Dragon" can seize this energy by force is still being investigated.

"Stride Fusion", the Miraculous Power that Changes the Future (Monthly Bushiroad October 2015 Issue)

"Stride Fusion"---this is the formal name of "Strides that surpasses Strides", caused by Altmile and Ahsha in the midst of the civil war. The biggest difference between Stride Fusion and normal Strides is that the users empower themselves instead of summoning other beings. Even among "Gear Chronicle", the bringers of Stride, none could activate this unique phenomenon except the leader "Chronojet Dragon", and in fact, the term is only known by Chronojet Dragon, its messenger "Uluru" and a few researchers studying this topic. According to these researchers, Stride Fusion is a black-box-esque phenomenon to "Gear Chronicle". The reason is simple, that the research progress is limited by the lack of users of Stride Fusion, for only Chronojet Dragon can use it. However, two new users of Stride Fusion have emerged in "this" planet Cray. The observation of the simultaneous occurrence of two Stride Fusion is likely to bring light to the delayed research. A new hypothesis has been raised, that "Stride Fusion is a phenomenon that heroes lend power to their past selves who used Stride". Is the progress a good thing or a bad thing to them...

New "Stride" System (Apr 4th, 2016)

After analysing and improving the mechanisms of "Stride" occurred in many places of "Stride", a new magic system has been developed, that one can utilize that power momentarily as long as he or she possesses a certain level of mana and aptitude to use the system. The system, can also be called "simplified Stride", is locked that makes it cannot be used when the caster possesses the intention to attack, so as to prevent usage in malicious invasion and crimes. The summoner and the summoned beings need to mentally synchronize, with "the will to overcome dangers and challenges". Because the intention to persevere and survive is the key of synchronization, the synchronization ends at the moment of wielding the intention to attack. By the way, the system is now spread to all nations by the messengers of "Gear Chronicle".

"Stride Evolution", the Power that Ties the Many Possibilities Together (Monthly Bushiroad November 2016 Issue)

"Stride"... the power to summon heroes from the past or the future. "Stride Fusion"... the power to host one's own future possibilities. Different to the two, "Stride Evolution" is the new possibility of Stride. "Chronojet Dragon" and "Chrono Dran". They are the same beings in different spacetime, that is, "Simultaneous Existences of Distinct Spacetime". If the will of "time" had not guided the infant Chrono Dran to this spacetime, the two would not have crossed their paths. However, Chrono Dran has been in touch with people of this world and built up bonds, and has become a being that would picture a future different to that of Chronojet Dragon of this world. Stride Evolution is the combination of two futures, two unlimited possiblities. It is a new power that combines the infinitely expanding future possibilities into one. This is the first time this power is being formally recorded, and it needs not saying that this is a great discovery that would be written on the history of "Gear Chronicle".

List of Cards with Stride

No Clan

Angel Feather

Aqua Force

Bermuda Triangle

Cray Elemental

Dark Irregulars

Dimension Police


Gear Chronicle


Gold Paladin


Great Nature


Link Joker




Neo Nectar

Nova Grappler


Oracle Think Tank

Pale Moon

Royal Paladin

Shadow Paladin

Spike Brothers


The Mask Collection

Touken Ranbu

Superior Stride

List of cards that allows you to Stride due to different methods.

Bermuda Triangle

Cray Elemental

Dimension Police

Gear Chronicle

Gold Paladin

Great Nature

Shadow Paladin

Stride Bonus

Main article: Stride Bonus

Stride Support

Stride Support (also called "Stride Fodder" by fans), refers to grade 1 cards that enable the cost to Stride through the ability "[CONT](Hand):While you are paying the cost for Stride, this card gets grade+2". These typically also have another ability to search for certain group of grade 3 cards upon being called from hand.

Clan Card Name Search For
Angel Feather Black Call, Nakir Gavrail
Aqua Force Kelpie Rider, Nikki Thavas
Bermuda Triangle Talent of Perseverance, Shandee Lauris
Dark Irregulars Succubus of Pure Love Scharhrot
Dimension Police Cosmic Hero, Grandrope Gallop
Gear Chronicle Steam Breath Dragon Chronojet
Pulsar, Revolver Dracokid Zodiac Time Beast
Genesis Mythic Beast, Skoll Fenrir
Regalia of Benevolent Wind, Flap Angel Regalia
Gold Paladin Dawning Knight, Gorboduc Gurguit
Granblue Tommy the Ghostie Brothers Nightrose
Great Nature Diligent Assistant, Minibelly Bigbelly
Kagero Lava Flow Dragon Dragonic Blademaster
Link Joker Destiny Dealer Messiah
Megacolony New Face Mutant, Little Dorcas Darkface
Murakumo Gateway Stealth Rogue, Ataka Yasuie
Narukami Mighty Bolt Dragoon Vanquisher
Neo Nectar Valkyrie of Reclamation, Padmini Ranunculus
Nova Grappler Extreme Battler, Arashid Victor
Nubatama Stealth Beast, Katarigitsune Shiranui
Oracle Think Tank Divine Sword, Ame-no-Murakumo Susanoo
Battle Sister, Baumkuchen Battle Sister
Pale Moon Masquerade Bunny Harri
Royal Paladin Laurel Knight, Sicilus Altmile
Shadow Paladin Cherishing Knight, Branwen Claret Sword Dragon
Spike Brothers Acrobat Verdi Rising
Tachikaze Prism Bird Gaia
The Mask Collection Pony Mask Durian
Touken Ranbu Imanotsurugi None

G Booster Set 6: Transcension of Blade and Blossom introduced an exclusive variant of Stride Support for sub-clans and archetypes. They also have an additional benefit when discarded for the cost of Stride.

Archetype/Sub-Clan Card Name Grade + Condition for Extra Benefit Extra Benefit
Alfred Acute Knight, Paris 1 Have Energetic Knight, Romus on (RC) Call this card to (RC) and [Power]+3000 until end of turn
Blau Neptune Blaukluger 2 Have a Grade 3 "Blau" in your soul Call this card to (RC)
Eradicators Flame Column Eradicator, Castres 2 Counter Blast (1) Add one Grade 3 "Eradicator" card among the top 7 cards of your deck to hand
Deletors Hire Deletor, Farwon 2 Counter Blast (1) & Have a "Deletor" vanguard Call this card to (RC)
Dimensional Robos Dimensional Robo, Daisupporter 2 None Give a "Dimensional Robo" unit [Power]+4000 until end of turn, then place one "Dimensional Robo" from your drop zone into your soul
Machinings Machining Leafy 2 Soul Blast (1) Choose one of your opponent's rear-guards and it cannot [Stand] during your opponent's next stand phase
Maiden of Maiden of Rambler 1 Have a "Maiden of" vanguard Call this card to (RC) and draw a card
Musketeers Stokesia Musketeer, Daphne 2 Counter Blast (1) & Have a "Musketeer" vanguard Call one "Musketeer" card among the top 4 cards of your deck to (RC)
Star-vaders Star-vader, Penrose Gate 2 Soul Blast (1) & Have a "Chaos" vanguard Add one "Chaos" card among the top 7 cards of your deck to hand

Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020 introduced Critical trigger units that enable the cost of Stride through the ability "[CONT](Hand):While paying the cost for Stride, this card may be discarded as a grade 3."

Clan Card Name
Angel Feather Augment Angel
Aqua Force Bumper Shooter
Bermuda Triangle Wrapping Chorus, Trudy
Dark Irregulars Bane Stinger
Dimension Police Impurity Monster, Daubruber
Gear Chronicle Steam Engineer, Abazu
Genesis Dragon Ancestral Deity of Progression, Musshussu
Gold Paladin Gold Garnish Lion
Granblue Chad the Ghostie
Great Nature Fulmination Professor, Ezonoshin
Kagero Dragon Dancer, Paloma
Link Joker Hybrid Progeny of Superatoms
Megacolony Riddled Honey
Murakumo Stealth Fiend, Bull Andon
Narukami Rumble Dagger Dracokid
Neo Nectar Maiden of Polyantha
Nova Grappler Kitton Piccon
Nubatama Stealth Dragon, Eizan
Oracle Think Tank Celeste Witch, ToTo
Pale Moon Convert Bunny
Royal Paladin Sentflare Dracokid
Shadow Paladin Knight of Evil Spear, Gillingr
Spike Brothers Cheer Girl, Lynette
Tachikaze Bombardment Dragon, Argenwerfer

No-Cost Stride

Starting with G Trial Deck 10: Ritual of Dragon Sorcery, there are cards with an ability that allow you to Stride for no cost the next time you would Stride after being activated. All of them have an activation timing of "At the beginning of your ride phase..." (for [AUTO] abilities) or "During your ride phase..." (for [CONT] abilities).

Clan Card Name Condition/Cost
Bermuda Triangle Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua Generation Break 1
Having one or less rear-guard
Dark Zone Progenitor Dragon of Gloomy Dark, Formido Having this card face up in G Zone
Dimension Police Bravest Rush, Grandgallop Having two or less cards in hand
Dragon Empire Progenitor Dragon of Lightning Flame, Gilgal Having this card face up in G Zone
Kagero Doom Bringer High Flame Retire itself
Stride an "Overlord" G unit only
Link Joker Original Deletor, Gaoield Having a "Deletor" vanguard
Having one or less cards in hand
Magallanica Progenitor Dragon of Deep Sea, Balanerena Having this card face up in G Zone
Neo Nectar Amaryllis Musketeer, Tatiana Retire itself
Having a "Musketeer" vanguard
Stride a "Musketeer" G unit only
Oracle Think Tank Precious Ophidian Generation Break 1
Retire itself
Tachikaze Savage Sorcerer Retire itself
Shadow Paladin Dragheart, Luard Ritual 3
Putting two normal units from your drop zone to the bottom of deck
Spike Brothers Dudley Jetter Retire itself
Having a "Dudley" vanguard
Stride a "Dudley" G unit only
Star Gate Progenitor Dragon of Horizon Limit, Origorem Having this card face up in G Zone
United Sanctuary Progenitor Dragon of Total Purity, Agnos Having this card face up in G Zone
Zoo Progenitor Dragon of Regal Birth, Megaloma Having this card face up in G Zone

Alternative Cost for Stride

Starting with Metapulsar, Altered Dragon, some cards posses the ability to allow you to pay the Stride's cost using alternative methods.

Clan Card Name Cost
Angel Feather Black Shock, Gavrail Prim If you would Stride a G unit with the Rescue ability, Counter Blast (1) card with the Rescue ability
Bermuda Triangle Chouchou, Sonia If you have a vanguard named Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua, send this card from hand or RC to drop zone
Gear Chronicle Chronojet Dragon Z Bind a Grade 3 <Zodiac Time Beast> from drop zone
Metapulsar, Altered Dragon Counter Blast (1) & Bind a <Gear Colossus> or <Zodiac Time Beast> from hand
Gold Paladin Easgal Liberator Counter Blast (1) Liberator & Put this unit at the bottom of your deck
Genesis Prime Beauty, Amaruda Soul Blast (3) cards with the Revelation ability
Megacolony Vulgar Blister If you would Stride a G unit with the Dark Device ability, retire a Vulgar Blister from (RC).
Neo Nectar Lantana Musketeer, Rozeeta If you would Stride a Musketeer G unit, Counter Blast (1) & Put two "Musketeer" normal units from your drop zone at the bottom of your deck
Royal Paladin Gyoonmy Brave and retire a Gyoonmy from (RC).
Shadow Paladin Blue Espada Dragon If you have a Claret Sword Dragon vanguard, Counter Blast (1) & retire a Blue Espada Dragon from (RC)
Dragfall, Luard Ritual X, Counter Blast (4) - X & Choose a normal unit from drop zone, and put it on the bottom of the deck

Altering Grades for Stride

Starting with G Legend Deck 1: The Dark "Ren Suzugamori", there are cards that alter the grade of cards in your hand while you are paying the cost for Stride.

Clan Card Name Grade + Target Conditions/Cost
Angel Feather Absorb Celestial, Bahariya 2 Cards in hand Having a "Celestial" vanguard
Soul Blast (1)-"Celestial" card & Put this card from damage zone to drop zone
Cray Elemental Thunder Elemental, Gororo 2 Self Generation Break 1
Dark Irregulars Wertiger Jaeger 2 Self Having two or more cards in soul with darkness ability
Gear Chronicle Chronofang Tiger 3 Cards in hand Generation Break 2
Binding the card used as cost
Great Nature Teacher's Cane of Affection, Bigbelly 1 Cards in hand Generation Break 2
Having no rear-guards
Shadow Paladin Blaster Dark "Diablo" 3 Cards in hand Generation Break 2
Striding a "Blaster" G unit only
Touken Ranbu Hirano Toushirou -Hanamaru- 3 Self Have a face-up card in the G-Zone
Striding a "Hanamaru" G unit only
Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki -Hanamaru- 3 Self Have a face-up card in the G-Zone
Striding a "Hanamaru" G unit only

Changing Heart

Starting with G Booster Set 4: Soul Strike Against The Supreme, there are cards that allow you to replace the current heart card used by the G Unit with a new one from your deck. The old heart card is then removed from the vanguard circle.

Clan Card Name Change Into
Aqua Force Blue Wave Brave General, Artiom Grade 3 "Blue Wave"
Gear Chronicle Steam Fighter, Balih Chronojet Dragon
Great Nature Honorary Professor, Chaverite Any Grade 3
Pale Moon Nightmare Doll of the Abyss, Eleanore Grade 3 <Workeroid>

Seeking Heart

Starting with G Character Booster 2: WE ARE!!! TRINITY DRAGON, there are G Units that allow you to seek a legion mate of a heart card, and place it as a heart card in Legion with the other.

Clan Card Name Seek for
Dimension Police Hyper Metalborg, Guilt Digger Metalborg


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  • The kanji "ちょうえつ" (Chōetsu) means "Transcendence".


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