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"Sub-Clan" is an unofficial term to refer to a set of usually same-clan cards of different grades who share a card title, with a playstyle focused around their members alone. Aside from Sub-Clans, there are also "Archetypes", a set of cards whose support members do not share the same card name or title as the main card, and "Series", a set of cards similar to Sub-Clans in that they share a card title, but whose abilities do not specifically require a member of the same card title.

These sets of cards are normally all of the same clan, however some cards, usually in the Archetype category, may be spread out throughout various clans.

Sub-Clans can fit into two categories: "Complete" and "Incomplete". "Complete" Sub-Clans are those who have enough members to make the main 50-card deck solely out of its members alone, regardless of a card's viability. (As there aren't many Sub-clan specific G units, the G zone is excluded as a requirement.) "Incomplete" Sub-Clans are those that have multiple members throughout the different main-deck Grades, however the Sub-Clan itself does not have enough members to make a deck solely of that Sub-Clan.

All Sub-Clans, both Complete and Incomplete, must have members sharing the same card title, be of varying grades, and require other members for their card abilities.

Sub-Clans were introduced in Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 2, and became prominent in Season 3 and Season 4. Any Sub-Clan members in the original season were considered to be a Series then.

List of Sub-Clans

United Sanctuary

Name Clan(s) Type
Battle Sister Oracle Think Tank Complete
Celestial Angel Feather Complete
Demon World Castle Shadow Paladin Incomplete
Diablo Shadow Paladin Incomplete
Jewel Knight Royal Paladin Complete
Liberator Gold Paladin Complete
Magus Oracle Think Tank Complete
Myth Guard Genesis Incomplete
Regalia Genesis Complete
Revenger Shadow Paladin Complete
Sanctuary of Light Royal Paladin Incomplete
Seeker Royal Paladin Complete
Swordsman of Light Royal Paladin Incomplete
Witch (ウィッチ) Oracle Think Tank, Gold Paladin Incomplete
Witch (魔女) Genesis, Shadow Paladin Complete

Note: Despite having a single member in the Tachikaze clan, the main "Magus" sub-clan is entirely within the Oracle Think Tank clan, thus the sub-clan being listed above.

Dragon Empire

Name Clan(s) Type
Ancient Dragon Tachikaze Complete
Brawler Narukami Complete
Eradicator Narukami Complete
Magatsu Murakumo, Nubatama Incomplete
Nouvelle Kagero Incomplete
Perdition Kagero Complete
Rex Tachikaze Incomplete
Seal Dragon Kagero Complete
Shura Stealth Dragon Nubatama Incomplete

Star Gate

Name Clan(s) Type
Beast Deity Nova Grappler Complete
Blau Nova Grappler Complete
Death Army Nova Grappler Incomplete
Deletor Link Joker Complete
Dimensional Robo Dimension Police Complete
Enigman Dimension Police Complete
Messiah (Archetype) Link Joker Incomplete
Metalborg Dimension Police Complete
Raizer Nova Grappler Complete
Starhulk Link Joker Incomplete
Star-vader Link Joker Complete

Dark Zone

Name Clan(s) Type
Amon Dark Irregulars Complete
Beast Tamer Pale Moon Incomplete
Blade Wing Dark Irregulars Incomplete
Nightmare Doll Pale Moon Complete
Nightmareland Dark Irregulars Incomplete
Silver Thorn Pale Moon Complete
Dudley Spike Brothers Incomplete


Name Clan(s) Type
Blue Storm Aqua Force Complete
Blue Wave Aqua Force Complete
Blue Wings Aqua Force Incomplete
Chouchou Bermuda Triangle Complete
Duo Bermuda Triangle Complete
Ghostie Granblue Complete
PR♥ISM Bermuda Triangle Complete
Ripple Aqua Force Incomplete
Seven Seas Granblue Incomplete


Name Clan(s) Type
Arboros Neo Nectar Incomplete
Giraffa Megacolony Incomplete
Hammsuke Great Nature Incomplete
Machining Megacolony Complete
Maiden of Neo Nectar Complete
Musketeer Neo Nectar Complete

Touken Ranbu

Name Clan(s) Type
Hanamaru Complete
Toushirou Incomplete


Name Clan(s) Type
Blaster Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, Link Joker Incomplete

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