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"Success" (達成サクセス Sakusesu) is a keyword exclusive to the Great Nature clan, and introduced in G Technical Booster 2: The GENIUS STRATEGY.

How it Works

A "Success" ability activates during your turn, when any of your rear-guard's [Power] becomes the stated number or greater (due to any method). When it does, the unit(s) possessing this ability at that same time become successful state, and they remain in successful state until end of that turn.

If a unit were to be called after your other units became successful state, the called unit will become successful state as long as one of your rear-guards still has the required [Power]. (e.g. Zeroth Dragon of Death Garden, Zoa)

If your rear-guard's [Power] becomes less than the stated number before resolving "becoming successful state", then the units will not become successful state unless it activates again.

Effect Use Timing

  • "When (unit) becomes successful..." refers to when the specified unit changes from not being in successful state to being in successful state in order to be activated
  • "When (unit) is successful and (event)" means that the specified unit must be in successful state while the "event" is occurring. Otherwise, it will not be activated at that moment.
  • "If (unit) is successful..." refers to whether the specified unit is in successful state at that moment after this effect is activated.

Comprehensive Rulings

Current Version: Dec 07, 2017

  • Success: 11.37
  • Successful State when called: 11.37.2

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  • The kanji "達成" (Tassei) can also be translated as "Achievement".

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