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This page is currently incomplete and it requires clean-up.

"Tag Fight" (タッグファイト Taggufaito) is a game format played between two teams of 2 players each. The general form of play is similar to those of Standard Fight Rules. However, the Tag Fight rules have not been updated since its introduction, and as a result, there are many unclear details.


  • The players fight in pairs of two players per team.
  • The team that reaches 9 damage in total first will lose the fight.
  • The turn order is: Team 1 player A, team 2 player B, team 1 player B, team 2 player A. In other words, the player who is not sitting directly across from the first player takes the second turn.
  • The fighter who starts last (team 2 player A) can attack first.
  • Fighters' opponent is the one directly in front of him/her. So fighter can only attack the one directly in front of them.
  • Partners can guard and pay the cost(s) for their partner but cannot attack during the other member's turn.
  • When guarding for your partner, you may NOT use Intercepts.
  • Unit skills only affect the player and his or her opponent (for example, Silent Tom can be blocked by a Grade 0 from your opponent's partner). This also affects perfect guard units.
  • Partners are forbidden from seeing each other's cards in hand.
  • Players may not coach nor strategize with their partner.

NOTE: Any of these given rules may be changed by the agreement of all participating fighters.