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"Taishi Miwa" is a character in the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime), and is currently in his first year at Hitsue High School. He has a carefree attitude that can easily annoy others, but is lovable all the same. His Vanguard Circle is yellow.


Despite being continuously referenced as "Miwa" both in-series and out, Miwa's given name is in fact Taishi. Going with Japanese rules of etiquette, none of the characters in Vanguard refer to Miwa by his given name because none of them are close enough to him socially to speak to him as such. Even his best friend Toshiki Kai likely calls Miwa by his surname due to them respecting one another.


He tends to act like a goofball, annoying others quite often. Due to his "comic relief" personality, he is seen as a foil to his best friend Kai, who tends to be more reserved and serious. Despite acting out comedically, he cares deeply for his friends.


Miwa is normally seen wearing his Hitsue High School uniform, which consists of a blue jacket and pants with white trim. He also wears a pink hoodie under his jacket.

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