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Takuto Tatsunagi is a minor character-turned major antagonist in Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). He leads the Tatsunagi Foundation, which is a major corporation that sponsors and promotes Cardfight!! Vangaurd throughout Asia. He and his lineage are known as the "Concert Masters"; people who bridge the gap between Planet Cray and Earth, and is an envoy of Ezel. When his link to Ezel is severed due to being Deleted, he becomes an envoy of the Deletors known as the "Destiny Conductor".


He wears a long-sleeved white tunic with grey straps, cuffs, and collar, white matching white trousers. His eyes are gold and his hair is a light seafoam green with two long bangs, one on each side of his face. The green marking on his forehead is a sign of his connection to Ezel while being the "Concert Master".

When under the effects of being the destiny conductor, he bears a red marking on his forehead that is identical to that of when he was reversed in the original series' Link Joker arc.


He has a strange demeanor. He tends to see the brighter side of things, while also being very excitable. His mysterious aura is prominent, to the point where others are wary of him. Even his "Called Walkers" do not know much about him.

According to his brother Nome, he is too kind despite his role and that is what causes his inevitable demise.


Destiny Conductor

Takuto Tatsunagi was a young child when their father passed and became the head of the Tatsungai Foundation, as well as the power of the Conductor, a watcher of fate, destined to not interfere with the world line and the fates intertwined with it in a direct capacity.  Sometime after this, Takuto took on three sisters and transformed them into his Called Walkers, his 'rear guards' who would have their memories of their previous life forgotten and live to serve him.  

He would meet with Leon Soryu prior to the start of the series, interested in his ability to feel the changes in the wind, also known as PSYQualia.  He would later witness his fight with Aichi, witnessing his PSYQualia clash with Leon's and was surprised by the outcome.  He attends the award ceremony to honor the top three combatants. Sometime after the Asia Circuit Championship, he would instruct his Call Walkers, Suiko, Rekka, and Kourin to attend different schools to keep an eye on certain fighters and potential fighters they come across.

Takuto would remain hidden in the background until he gets word of a strange Fighter able to 'delete' Vanguard from someone and takes an active interest to end his ambitions. He would invite the rumored Fighter, Kouji Ibuki, to battle and prevent more people from being hurt by his power. This would prove to be his downfall however. Not only was Takuto 'deleted,' severing his ties to his unit Blond Ezel, the will of Brandt, also known as Wandering Starhulk Ruler, Brandt, managed to take over Takuto's body and become the Destiny Conductor.  With Brandt using his body as a means to interact with the world, he implemented his plan to destroy Vanguard by taking over the strongest fighters and having their imaginations destroy Cray so that his homeworld could finally have a place to call home. Takuto took the necessary precautions however prior to his defeat should it have happened and had Ezel warn the clans of Cray what was coming.  

Ever since this incident, it has been unknown what had become of Takuto and known that his older brother Nome was made the new head of the Foundation and took up the role of the Concert Master.  

Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Story -IF-

After Brandt's incident, Ibuki and Suiko find out that Nome sent Takuto out to investigate the world line's distortions, only to have gone missing. It was revealed that Takuto is being unconscious and held prisoner by Aichi in his castle along with Majesty Lord Blaster.

He reappeared and talk to Kai Toshiki about the timeline distortion.